Zombie Spawnrates are the chance that a particular zombie will spawn. For the most part, Zombie Spawnrates variate as the round goes on. The graph below depicts this:


The y-axis is the % chance that the particular zombie will spawn and the x-axis is the round progression in seconds (eg 14s is 14 seconds).

Other Spawnrates



  • The 14 seconds it takes for each Normal Zombie point to drop is consistent and is not affected if no zombies spawn during those 14 seconds.
    • This means, during Arena, it is likely by the latter waves, very little Normal Zombies will spawn.
    • It also means during Undead Battleground, players are more likely to start off as a special zombie as the rates of special zombies would be higher as time goes on.
  • Past 280 seconds, there is no change in the spawnrates of zombies.


  • Prior to v1.1.9, zombie spawnrates were the same throughout the whole round.
  • Prior to v1.1.4, Stalkers were naturally spawning and had the same spawnrate as Elementals.
  • After v0.6.6, there was a three Leaper limit across all servers but this was removed at an unknown time.
    • Prior to v0.6.6, the Leaper spawnrate was far more common, similar to that of a Ticker.
  • Prior to v1.3.7, Swarmers could not spawn naturally.

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