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The Zipline Raft is a raft that takes you between the main island and the lighthouse island in Coastline Clash. During Campaign, this is activated with a switch in the room at the bottom of the well, once the Wooden Barrels are blown up. Outside of Campaign, the Zipline Raft is already activated.


  • As a survivor, don't fall into the water while on this as you will die instantly.
  • Using a Jetski is much faster than taking the Raft in terms of waiting for it to come.
  • The Zipline Raft can be a choke-point during Campaign. Lure zombies away from it by using a Pipebomb.
  • When the gates are closing, the Zipline Raft is about to move. Do not attempt to board as the Zipline Raft will move away quickly.
  • If you plan to camp on the lighthouse island, the Zipline Raft is your only hope of getting out from it.
    • In this case, the Jetski can be a handy insurance option.
  • As a zombie, you don't have to use the Zipline Raft as the water kills survivors, but not zombies.
    • You can try to hide under the raft, waiting for unsuspecting survivors.


  • The Zipline Raft is actually a wooden ferry.
    • A zipline raft, in real-life, is actually a rubber dinghy used to traverse rapids, mostly for entertainment.