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Zero Kelvin Station

"Hoot, hoot! Ooh, we got it! Hoot, hoot! Hey, we got it! Hoot, hoot! Say, we got it! Hot chocolate! All aboard the Polar Express!"


Zero Kelvin Station is quite a large map. You can find many strategic points within this map and quite a few good spots to stick together with a band of friends.

Background Story

Zero Kelvin Station used to actually be quite a sunny, warm area. Here, weather observations were conducted, and much of their collected data here was used to inform people of upcoming weather.

The name was ironic, you see.

Turns out killing Rhi-snow multiple times is not good for the surrounding environment. So one day, when it started snowing here, it never really stopped.

Zero Kelvin Station, however, after multiple survivor expeditions conducted around the area, was found to have a much more complicated origin than "weather research facility". Ancient secrets were being researched here and the warnings of "undead beasts" found on long abandoned computers doesn't bode well for the portal the survivors found in the depths of the subway.


Starting on the snowy side of the subway tracks, a radio tower can be seen on your left. Behind it stands a HQ of sorts that has been partially been buried in snow.

Buildings dot the compound and mostly all of them can be entered. Two of them are connected by a walkway that bridges over the tracks.

Inside the subway tunnels, you can find a crude hall halfway in that connects to the other side of whatever side you happen to be in. Go deeper and you find your typical subway: kiosks, seats, and a ticket booth.

On top of the subway, you can find a cabin in the middle of a clearing. If you run towards the HQ around the edges, you can find a couple of caves that you can jump into for some cover.


  • The subway area is surprisingly cramped, so be prepared for ambushes.
  • It might be a little too dark in the subway for you, so turning on your flashlight using "X" may help with visibility.
  • Outside the subway, the map is quite open.
    • Depending on where you want to mainly stay on the map, adapt your loadout accordingly.
  • You can if you want to, but you shouldn't camp on the radio tower.
    • A Brute, an Elemental or an Edgar can easily get to you.
    • Not to mention the constant risk of falling. If you still want to camp on it, use the Duck Mount to safely glide down, just in case you are attacked.
  • You can actually open the steel doors within this map by throwing the Rambo Knife, Christmas Spear, Ice Sledge and Tomahawk at their control panel. It will count and the door will rise.
  • Snowballs do work here but are rather picky about their locations.
    • The snow on top of the wooden cabin will work, but not the terrain itself.
  • Since the map is quite expansive, the Rocket Sleigh or Mini Crab are recommended for travel.
    • Toy Plane can also be great, due to flat land, which is common.


  • This map is to be the third map that is mainly comprised of smooth terrain that is not water.
  • This is the second permanent snow map within R2DA.
  • The name is based on the term Absolute Zero. Absolute Zero is the temperature where all particles cease to move.
    • Specifically, -273.15° Celsius, −459.67° Fahrenheit or 0 Kelvin.
    • Nobody has actually reached Absolute Zero in scientific research.
  • In the thread to name the now-named Casius Outpost, Zero Kelvin Station was one of the options.
  • This map has an invisible wall on the edge of the map with the subway tunnel to stop people from going onto the subway roof.
    • This is the first map with invisible walls since the days of XelPixels HQ.
  • As always, this map contains an abundant amount of easter eggs:
    • A paint bucket can be found that is labelled "Xel Pixels", PlaceRebuilder's Twitter handle.
    • There's a jukebox that is functional, and it plays music in the map.
    • The text "Below Radio" can be found on radio boxes.
    • An statue of Rhi-snow, which seems to be falling apart, can be found.
    • A Sunny D Bottle can be found beside some stairs.
    • Spray paintings of various R2DA moderators appear in the subway.
    • Plushies of GammaShock, BelowNatural and PlaceRebuilder can be seen at the subway kiosk and the platform.
    • There are many posters that appear within the map that have also been created by other users.