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"Hey, why don't we go and kill this mythical creature that's probably the last of its kind?"
―Yukon Cornelius


A powerful, and pretty hairy, boss of the R2DA 2017 Christmas Event that is found in the map Return of the Yeti. He is unlocked through beating the Yeti's Quest successfully.

Background Story

"A beast has been spotted by some groups up north. During a blizzard, they had to take shelter, and their choice was a cave. Inside, they found that it was strangely dangerous - stalagmites littered the ground, their tips making any progress into the cave dangerous. But the group went on, and inside they found an impossibly tall being, four or five times taller than anyone there, wielding a club. Some of us remember that years ago there was a beast similar to this one, but we fear that this monster will be even stronger. Perhaps over the years, the creatures have evolved, changed ... or even worse, became smarter. All we know is that we're going to have to do something about it."



  • Try going in smaller servers, as a large server will put it at max health.
  • At half health, the Yeti's Club Smash becomes much more powerful, gaining extra range.
  • The range of the Club Smash attack, when at half health, covers the middle of the arena. Remember this when being close to him.
  • The M249 and Minigun are the recommended weapons to fight this.
  • Go behind the Yeti as he can not smash you!
    • The hitbox of the smash extends a small amount behind him, however, so take caution.
      • In addition, the Yeti can turn around unexpectedly fast.
  • At all costs avoid those pesky penguins.
    • Fire an RPG at Yeti when he spawns them to kill them all.
    • Swimming underwater to avoid penguins is a good idea.
      • They cannot go underwater, only on top.
  • Don't stand on the small islands and icebergs for too long because they will occasionally sink.
    • However, the icebergs will resurface after a while.
  • Bring items that can heal you, as although most of the Yeti's attacks are insta-kills, you can get worn down over time.
  • Try to jump high on an open area when the Yeti is about to throw his club. There are good chances that you will survive.
  • The Yeti can be harmed with explosives. Use this to your advantage.
  • The three blue orbs give the Yeti the ability to use Cold Rejuvenation. You can stop them by destroying them with fire.
    • Cold Rejuvenation is still usable after all orbs are destroyed, but its effect is significantly dampened.
  • Avoid staying in crowded places, There is a big chance that you will get hit.
  • Try to leave the middle when you spawn; he will summon Ice Tornadoes which can give the Yeti a boost.
  • He frequently does a combo with Club Throw and Ice Tornadoes; use this as a sign to give you time to escape either of those attacks.
  • Going into the water during Icicle Rain is a good strategy to not get hit.
    • This is due to the fact that icicles will only spawn above land.
    • It is also is a good idea to go into the small ice blocks, since the icicles rarely land there.
  • If you are careful enough, and have the Yeti Helmet you can get on top of the Yeti's head and stay there. This way he will only use Club Smash facing one direction. Just be careful not to fall off when he moves while club smashing.


  • There is a rare glitch where Yeti spawns with 0 health and you're unable to win.
  • A picture containing the Yeti model was posted to PlaceRebuilder's twitter on November 24th.
  • During Debug, this had the same health bar as Chronos XI before being changed into the version suggested by Hellnickell here.
  • Like Rhi-snow and King Crab, Yeti II's health depends on the players in the server.
    • Has the highest amount of health for a boss outright, with 600k, until the Pumpkinator buff.
  • Similar to the Christmas 2015 Boss.
  • There is a certain glitch in which he can spam his Club Smash and Club Throw attack and nothing else.
  • Like Rhi-snow, Yeti II can teleport back to the main arena when he is on water.
  • Yeti does actually make sounds, you just have to be really close to him to hear it.

Prototype yeti
This article refers to the 2017 Boss

If you want the 2015 boss, click here.


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