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Yeti's Quest

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"This place is giving me the chills"


The Yeti's Quest (or Hunt for Yeti II as named in-game) is the Quest map for the R2DA Christmas Event 2017. Most of the obstacles involve parkour, while one of the obstacles is mainly a puzzle. Upon completion of this quest, you have the chance to fight Yeti II.

Background Story

After hearing of the Return of the Yeti, the survivors got ready to face the beast once again, but there were obstacles in the way, turns out the Yeti built them in hopes stopping the survivors of attacking the ancient beast.


Mobs: Mr. Macaroni (Obstacle 5), Toy Penguin (Spawned via Mr. Macaroni in Obstacle 5)

Obstacle 1 - Gate #1 - Multiple pillars sticking out of the water, some with Tickets.

Detour 1 - Everest Climb - Climb the small mountain to open the gate.

Obstacle 2 - Frostbite Tunnel - Avoid the falling icicles and parkour your way over the water by jumping on small blocks of ice. Some of them move.

Obstacle 3 - Giant Pit - Use the moving platforms to avoid falling into the spikes below.

Detour 2 - Frozen Hammer - Go to the moving platform that slides to the left.

Obstacle 4 - Wall of Doors - 6 floors, each with 4 doors. Doors will teleport you either up or back to the start of the Obstacle.

Obstacle 5 - Gatekeeper - Mr. Macaroni and Toy Penguins will prevent survivors from moving forward. Defeat them and grab the wind-up key to unlock the Boss.


  • Unlocks Return of the Yeti for the Yeti II Boss.
  • 104 Tickets in total.
  • Cash from Toy Penguins.
  • Fame and 50 Cash from pushing the button on Detour One.
  • Various amounts of EXP.
    • EXP decided on how long it took to win. The longer it takes, the more EXP you earn.


  • You don't have infinite Stamina which means you won't be able to make all the jumps in Frostbite Tunnel at once.
  • The doors in Obstacle 4 have a light that will turn off if a person goes in it and gets teleported to the start.
    • Glitches can occur at Obstacle 4 that cause players to be teleported a few rows above than they should be.
  • The last row of doors can be predicted by the number that barely has any light in it.
  • Wait for someone with RPG or M202 to enter Obstacle 5 so it's easier to deal with the Toy Penguins.
  • Use the M202 shell, Tomahawk, or Rambo Knife to activate buttons.
  • Bring a Candy Cane so you'll be able to get the first few Tickets (which is a lot more than the 5 Tickets it costs).
    • Use Ice Rhino if you run out of Stamina as it takes less Stamina to jump.
  • Don't immediately enter Frostbite Tunnel, wait for a bit until the ice spikes on to fall.


  • During Debug, Snowballs could not be restocked with the snow here.
  • Known in-game as "Hunt for Yeti II".
  • Obstacle 5 is fought on a portion of the map that is similar to Mr. Frost's boss arena in R2D 2014.
    • It's located a bit above the other Quest portions.
  • Next to the button in Obstacle 4 lies the Ice Sledge, Mr. Frost's weapon and a melee weapon in R2D 2014.
  • During Debug, the music of this map was from Halloween Bootcamp.