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"Here we find the abominable snowman. No wait... What? The Fearsome YETI?!?"


This was the Boss for the Christmas 2015 Event, which took place before R2DA was even released.

The Yeti lives in a cave, aptly named, "Yeti's Cave".

Background Story

Hiding in its cave peacefully for years, some survivors while seeking refuge stumbled upon the Yeti. Not knowing English, the Yeti destroyed them all, leaving nothing but the survivors' rotting corpses on the ice. Later on, he carried the corpses to his cave and ate them.

Later, a scout for L-Brain Sidework also stumbled upon this unholy beast and decided it should be the training "dummy" for testing the new weapons being developed. As it is assumed that the Yeti is a mythological creature, and therefore not real, many people turned away. The ones willing to believe so signed an agreement to not speak of the testing and were later given compensation for participating.


  • The "Won Christmas Event 2015" Badge.
  • A large amount of dropped cash on the main island.


  • Aim to fight the Yeti on the main island.
    • The icebergs surrounding the arena are unreliable and are sometimes unpredictable.


  • The Yeti was the first Boss to come to R2DA.
    • This also stands as the weakest Boss in the game, although there are occasions where King Crab is weaker than it.
  • This is the first Boss to be able to recover damage, with the second one being Chronos XI.
  • This was also the first Boss to have varying health depending on the amount of players joining the round.
  • This uses the Polar Bear package from the ROBLOX catalog.

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This article refers to the 2015 Boss

If you want the 2017 boss, click here.

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