This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Don't be Cocky with these frosty zombies before they turn you into a cold red mess like a smoothie."


During the R2DA Christmas Event 2019, the X-Mas Costumes 2019 could be bought with gamepass(es) and can be equipped via the Mob Skincrate. They can be kept after the event if they are bought. Without a gamepass, you cannot spawn with these costumes.

Background Story

Even the infected still find it in themselves to celebrate the holidays! They once again dressed up in their best holiday clothes and decided they could go another December without harming a survivor.

On Christmas Day, they all crowded around the tree and opened their gifts, shouting "Merry Christmas!", and from then on the holiday spirit never died.

The Digger couldn't join them, but they knew they had to do something and gave him some training to make his dig faster!

Happy Holidays!


  • The Brute is a Viking.
  • The Edgar is a King.
    • This also resembles a traditional Kwanzaa outfit.
  • The Stalker is an elf.
    • The Stalker carries a strand of Christmas lights.
      • The light from these lights can be seen when invisible.
        • Position yourself in a spot where these lights don't give away your position.
  • The Leaper is a Tundra hunter.
  • The Elemental is a mountain challenger.
  • The Ticker is a snowblower.
    • The snowblower's blade rotates constantly, although the blades are harmless.
    • The chute of the snowblower spews snow when the tanks are damaged.
    • The extra details on this costume are part of the tank hitbox. Use this costume carefully if rushing.
    • Represents the most detailed costume according to Rockynic.
  • The Swarmer is a snowman.
    • Instead of bees, there are razor-sharp snowflakes.
    • The buzzing sounds are also replaced with freezing wind gust sounds.


  • Sixth event costume for zombies that can be purchased with gamepasses.
  • This is the fourth costume pack to not include certain zombies, that zombie being the Digger.


Leaper Stalker Edgar Brute
Swarmer Ticker Elemental

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