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"There's an wraith creepin' around here..."


The spirit of a fallen survivor - the Wraith will still attempt to kill you. These malicious spirits will try to poison a player, which will then inflict a disease where said target takes repeated damage until it wears off.

Background Story

The stories go that these Wraiths are in fact spirits of survivors slain by the Golumns, resurrected to defend something. A friend, a god, something that they know you should not try to fight. Perhaps even after death, they feel the need to remain and try one last time to stop - you.

Being composed of poisonous gas, they cannot be defeated with conventional methods, requiring one to "blow them apart" with an extinguisher to finish them off for good.

Some years later, their watery counterparts were discovered...


  • Wraiths are immune to bullets, don't waste your ammo shooting at them.
  • The main method to kill them is using the Fire Extinguisher and Flamethrower. They also can be damaged via melees.
  • They can sometimes go to the Chronos Chamber part of the Chronos Quest, be vigilant.
    • This normally occurs when all survivors in the Chronos Gate are killed.
  • These can go through walls as well as fly up and down, be careful.
  • Only the Wraiths with red eyes will aim for you.
    • However, grey-eye Wraiths will still damage you if you get too close to them.
    • You can kill both types of Wraiths.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • Similar to Golumns, the Wraith appears to be floating.
    • Unlike the Golumn, the Wraith can actually float up and down.
  • They appeared to have similar traits to Boo.
  • The Wraith didn't give cash between v1.0.1 — v1.0.8.