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"These six wooden barrels are more explosive than your ability to understand how explosions work."


The Wooden Barrel is an explosive barrel that is found in Coastline Clash's Campaign and is used to blow open a wall in the giant well.

Background Story

Just the survivors' luck! There are conveniently placed explosive barrels to help them! Even in the apocalypse, people are nice enough to leave around highly dangerous stuff.


  • Similar to Naquadah, you cannot punch or kick while carrying these, so keep that in mind.
    • Six of these must be transported to the Wagon.
  • Wooden Barrels spawn on two piers, one by the Zipline Raft and one by the cliff edge.
    • While the cliff edge Wooden Barrels are closer to the Wagon, there's a zombie spawnpoint near them.
  • The walkspeed reduction while holding a Wooden Barrel can leave you vulnerable, hence groups are recommended.
  • Don't go in the giant well when the Wooden Barrels are in there as you could be blown up when a Flare is thrown in there.
    • You can only survive the explosion if you have a Flakvest on.
  • Carrying a Wooden Barrel to the Wagon will give you 25$ and 1 Fame.


  • The Wooden Barrel is the only explosive that can only be blown up in a specific spot.
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