"Kill trees is cool! No Forests, yes Suburbs!"


This is Wood, nothing special. This is used in Blox Harbor Campaign. This can n be gotten by using an Axe on the trees on the island where the Fishing Boat crashes.

This is used to build a Raft to get off the island.

Background Story

When the survivors crashed onto an abandoned island with no help at all, one survivor had an idea in mind. He told that if they chop down trees, they will get cut Wood to make a Raft.

They found a bunch of Axes lying around the island and started cutting the trees. When they finished, they had some rope to tie up the pieces of wood and then they finally escaped from the abandoned island.


  • Pick up the Axe in the middle of the island to chop down the trees.
  • You get 35$ and 1 Fame for every Wood placed to make the Raft.
    • 14 pieces of Wood are required to build the Raft.
    • If you don't feel like getting an Axe, bring your own one instead.
      • You don't need to bring your own Axe, unless it is your melee weapon for the round.

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