The Winscreen is where you normally end up if you win a round, with the exception of Boss Rounds, where those who win the round remain on the boss arena.


Version 0 (v0.0.0)

The Winscreen did not exist at the time, so you would just stay where you are and a "Victory!" sign would appear when you won a round. This "Victory!" sign still shows up when you defeat a boss, but with a different look.

Version 1 (v0.2.3)

The first ever Winscreen. Unfortunately, the look of this Winscreen has been lost to time, but there definetly wasn't an MVP board.

Version 2 (v0.3.5)

This was the second ever Winscreen applied in R2DA but also lacked a MVP screen.

This version was the first to include fences on both sides of the survivors. Props, such as some trash and a bricked building were added.

All zombies could spawn into this Winscreen, including Brutes.


Version 3 (v0.3.6)

This version included a MVP screen, but it was incredibly small. It was next to the bricked building.

This was exactly the same to Version 1 except for the addition of the screen.

To prevent a Brute from easily smashing everyone to death, PlaceRebuilder opted to only allow normal zombies to teleport here in v0.3.8, and this rule has been enforced since.


Version 4 (Release)

This version was similar to 1 and 2 but had a larger MVP screen which remains to this day.


Version 5 (Halloween 2016)

Decorated with Halloween Items to celebrate the ongoing event.


Version 6 (v0.8.4)

Completely new Winscreen, apart from the buildings at the side.

RobloxScreenShot12012016 183627683

Version 7 (Christmas 2016)

Decorated with Christmas Items to celebrate the ongoing event.

There was a glitch where the Winscreen would flash, and both the old and the new "Victory!" text would appear without anyone being teleported subsequent to beating Rhi-snow. This Winscreen seems to be depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.


Version 8 (v0.9.2)

Similar to 5, but no "You're Winner!" text on the podium. MVP screen has been redesigned to include blue strips.


Version 9 (v0.9.5)

Blue cliffs are seen down the sides instead of buildings along with some other minor changes.

There was a glitch where the Winscreen would flash, and both the old and the new "Victory!" text would appear without anyone being teleported subsequent to beating Chronos XI.


Version 10 (v1.0.7)

Exactly the same to Version 8, but with the text strip at the bottom, primary used for Party Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch to indicate which party/team won.

Mad cars

Version 11 (Christmas 2017)

Similar to last year's one albeit it, minor tweaks. The angel's wings move in this version. This Winscreen seems to be depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.
RobloxPlayerBeta 2018-01-04 13-37-11

Version 12 (v1.1.0)

Similar to version 9, except a slightly different shade of green for the ground and the blue background wall.


Version 13 (Christmas 2018)

Similar to version 10, except with the presence of Mr. Macaroni and different gifts. This Winscreen seems to be depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

Screenshot 3736

Version 14 (v1.2.8b)

Nearly the same as Version 12, except the addition of the No Rewards sign.

The sign appears whenever a VIP Server owner uses a command (excluding the warn command) in their server. Moderator commands do not count. This Winscreen seems to be depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.


Version 15 (v1.2.9)

Reverted to Winscreen 12 except with differences, including the no rewards sign, the Van and the Highpose image being on one of the boxes.



  • Use any unused Defibrillators here as it is your last opportunity to do so.
  • Reset in Rapid Infection to kill the remaining Survivors for cash.
  • You can scale the fences to grab some last-second cash from the teleported zombies.
    • Explosives or area damage items, such as Grenades and Molotovs, can be used to kill a majority of the zombies.
      • Doing this when there is an abundant amount of zombies is some sort of way to get cash.
    • Other weapons such as melees can be used as well.


  • This is a returning feature from R2D 2014.
  • You can pick up Snowballs from the ground of the Winscreen.
  • Sometimes, instead of the fixed camera you see here, your camera is free to move around.
    • This mostly occurs when you are spectating someone.
  • Survivors cannot respawn as a zombie if they die here. Their bodies remain until Intermission begins.
    • Survivors have the option of Zombifying to try to kill other humans.
    • Other players can move your body with melee attacks if you click the respawn button.
  • Often when you win a round of Chronos Quest there is a great chance of you dying because of fall damage.
  • The Winscreen can be seen far above the current map.
  • Occasionally, survivors can spawn on top of the Winscreen, unable to view themselves.

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