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"I don't need some fancy schmancy Tacticool gear to get the job done. Just my wits, grits and my trusty rifle here."
―The Gunslinger


The Winchester is the first lever-action rifle to be added to R2DA, released in v1.3.7. The Winchester was the first weapon to be added to the game that was mostly produced by community members.

The Winchester can one shot most zombies below Brutes with a body shot, excluding StalkersElementals and Tickers (it will leave the first two heavily damaged). With Hard Bullets, it can kill Stalkers and Elementals with a body shot, no matter the bullet. With a headshot, it can kill all types of zombies, excluding the Brute and Champions.

This rifle is best suited for mid to long-range combat. However, its relatively fast firerate (in comparison to other rifles) makes it capable of close-range combat given proper aim. Additionally, its high reserve ammo makes missing shots less punishing. Do take note that it reloads similar to shotguns like the Spas-12.

Background Story

After a series of public relations disasters involving their latest Jetpack product, Sinister Arms Inc. was desperate for new, safer investment into the survivor market. The CEO concluded it was time to enter the arms business, but had no prior weapons or blueprints to manufacture their own. His research into "exotic" weaponry lead to him scheduling a deal with merchants from the western regions of the country. This plan backfired when the merchants broke their ruse and revealed they were going to kidnap the CEO and ransom him off. This ambush was put down as a mysterious figure approached the situation and calmly fired a .45-70 bullet into each kidnapper, with dead-eye accuracy to the head.

The CEO never caught the mystery gunslinger's face, who they were or why they saved him - they had walked off just as quick as they arrived. The one thing that was burned into his mind was the weapon he used - which he learned to be the 1886 Winchester model. In honor of his hero's intervention, and in praise of the deadly accuracy and firepower, the first weapon in the Sinister Arms line up was proudly announced soon after.


  • There is no need to aim for the head against most zombies, including Diggers.
  • This weapon reloads one bullet at a time, much like shotguns.
    • You can quickly reload one bullet to take out an enemy if you're out of ammo.
    • In a safe situation, you can always top your ammo up without "wasting" any bullets.
  • Bring a suitable secondary weapon, like Peacemakers or Mini Uzis, to finish off Elementals, Stalkers or Tickers who will be left at low health after a body shot.
    • If doing this, consider not using Hard Bullets or vice-versa. If using Hard Bullets, you can safely use a melee weapon as you will not need to finish off low health targets.
  • This is a great weapon against a Brute, thanks to its high damage and rate of fire. If you can hit your headshots, you can kill a Brute in mere seconds.
  • The Desert Snake Theme can easily give away your position due to its loud music.
    • It is also mainly used for comical purposes, similar to the Gunslinger.
  • While this can be useful in PvP modes due to its high accuracy and high range, but it has been specifically nerfed in Free For All, Party Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.


  • High Damage
  • Very High Total Damage
  • High Range
  • Hard Impact
  • Quick Reload


  • High Ranked
  • Expensive
  • Low Rate of Fire
  • No Useful Attachments



  • v1.3.7b
    • Animations changed.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 35 to 48.
  • v1.4.8
    • Accuracy changed from 365 to 243.

  • The Winchester was a suggestion originally created by GoSinister, ignys, LITTLEROBBY11 and Tsukuyomi_141.
    • Prior to its addition in-game, it had the most kudos out of any other suggestion on the Wikia.
    • As stated in the thread, the Winchester is confirmed to be modelled and inspired after the Winchester 1886.
  • The Winchester reuses the firing sound from the M1A1 Thompson.
    • One thing to note is that the firing sound used in the Winchester is a lower pitched version than the firing sound of the M1A1 Thompson.
  • The Winchester is the first lever-action gun in R2DA.
    • Also, the first suggested gun to be added into the game.
  • During its release update the Winchester could do more damage than the Barrett 50 Cal because it was not nerfed for PVP, making it one of the few guns to one-shot in PVP.