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Wikia Moderators
This page is meant for users have a status of Wikia Moderator.

This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Wikia Moderators+.

First Day on the Job

You should get in touch with InfiniteBread/Minininho02 about how to go about moderating the Wikia. Learn the Wikia Ban Guide, read the general rules and start working! If the Head Chat-Moderators aren't available, you can always ask an experienced Wikia Moderator.

Note: moderating Wikia is far more complicated than other types of moderators, you should always ask an experienced wikia moderator for help.

Call to Action

Often times, you won't be browsing the wikia when an incident occurs; therefore, you are obliged to be on Discord while you're online. When an incident occurs, a member or other staff member can alert you and other members by using the @Wikia Moderator mention (you may also, if need be).
Reporting offenses

You will need to keep track of people you blocked. As a Wikia Moderator, you will record any offenses (ones you took action upon) in a special channel. It will require to have the offender's name, reason for block, time for block and proof. (As well as providing proof in his block reason.)