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This is currently unavailable on the Wikia due to the fandom migration.
It's unknown if this feature will work again on the future.

Emote Command Status
LordPumpkinLogo.png {{Hallow}} Active
AngryGBread.png {{Bread}} Expired
PrHm.png {{PrH}} Active
PrSmile.png {{PrS}} Active
RPG - Chronos.png {{Clockrpg}} Active
CakeDay.gif {{Cake}} Active
JacksplotDc.gif {{Jacksplot}} Active
Beach ball.png {{Ball}} Expired
King-Crab.png {{Crab}} Expired
PumpkinPie.gif {{Pie}} Active
Jackopump.gif {{Jack}} Active
RipGrave.png {{RIP}} Active
MafiaBruteDance.gif {{Mafiab}} Active

Emote Command Status
Emocitontest.png {{Testmo}} Active
Salute.png {{Salute}} Active
Vlnp302xlfp.png {{BernkMilk}} Active
1540398240534.png {{BernkPizza}} Active
71e.gif {{Pdr}} Expired
5c29deb14f7df4bc12eb8a703b345ae5.png {{Gun}} Active
Darksideemote.png {{Dark}} Active
Wallcat.png {{Wallcat}} Active
Killbot.gif {{Killbot}} Active
Yao.png {{Yao}} Active
Nelsontrans.png {{Nelson}} Active
Felps.png {{Felps}} Active
Leonard.png {{Leonard}} Active
Roach.gif {{Roach}} Active
Cockroachlol.gif {{RoachSlow}} Active
TScooter.png {{Scooter}} Active
Gunpoint.png {{Gun2}} Active
Pensie.png {{Pensive}} Active
Static-assets-upload12226817109569523629.gif {{JunkoPat}} Active
ATheWitch.png {{A}} Active

Emote Command
ExpiredEmote.png Any Expired Emote

Emote Command