"Lay down the law with this skin... if there was any in an apocalypse to begin with."


Whitehall 1212 is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within Premium Skincrates.

The colour palette prominently features dark navy, black and white. The text "POLICE" can be seen.


  • Based on the skin of the same name from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
    • The name itself is derived from the telephone number used by Scotland Yard, the territorial police force responsible for policing all of Greater London, England.
  • The font for the "POLICE" text is ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT Demi.
    • This is font used by the British Police Force is similar, being the Eurostile Bold.
AK-47 - Whitehall.png
HK416 - Whitehall.png
M16A1 - Whitehall.png
P90 - Whitehall.png
SCAR-H - Whitehall.png
SPAS-12 - Whitehall.png
AK-47 HK416 M16A1 P90 SCAR-H Spas-12
Wingmaster - Whitehall.png
M1 Garand - Whitehall.png
FAL - Whitehall.png
Shotty 12 - Whitehall 1212.png
Minigun - Whitehall 1212.png
MP5 - Whitehall 1212.png
Wingmaster 870 M1 Garand FAL Shotty 12 Minigun MP5

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