Weapons are one of the four primary aspects of the Reason 2 Die series. They are used solely by Survivors with the goal of helping the team reach their objective by killing a variety of Zombies. There are multiple kinds of weapons in the game with each with its own skins and statistics. At the beginning, only the Steyr M is unlocked while the rest aren't. The only way to acquire all non-event weapons is by grinding for Cash. All weapons are available to use, but only moderators are allowed to wield the FATAL5. The FATAL6 is an exclusive weapon for certain people.

ButtonSteyrM ButtonColtPython ButtonM93R-0 ButtonDBShotgun-0 ButtonSkorpion ButtonR700-0
ButtonDragunov-2 ButtonR870 ButtonM16A1-0 ButtonMinigun ButtonM202 ButtonSpas12
ButtonThompson-0 ButtonFlamethrower ButtonAK-47 ButtonCK Swat ButtonBarret50c ButtonM249
RPG-0 ButtonFamas ButtonMini Uzi HK416Button ButtonLuger Shottygun12
ScarHightBetter DualPistoleiroButton TriRocketzButton P90 (2)

ButtonShovel ButtonRambo-0 Newfireaxebutton ButtonBaseballBat-1 ButtonKarambit ButtonChainsaw
DefaultTinpotButton ToySwordFromR2d KatanaButton PipeMelee (2)

ButtonFATAL5-0 NiteNight NewbieButton

XmasThing (2) ToybowButton IcePewPewButton WaterGun (2) ButtonChristmasTree ButtonNewspaper
ButtonBell-0 ButtonTorch ButtonIcestaff UhmbrellaMelleBUTTON Boneword Xmas Swo- Spear! (2)
AAAAAAA (2) ToyHammer (2)

MP5Button20 NewKalashnovButton M4A1Button NewRailgunButton Glock Button Rocket (2)

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