L-Brain Sidework Logo

L-Brain Sidework manufactures low-tier weapons, based on real life.

The first company to originate during the second phase of the SANI. Organized manufacturers became easier to establish, and thus a few groups of survivors who knew metalworking decided to form L-Brain Sidework. This company is known by many to be the de-facto manufacturer of cheap, and yet high quality weapons for new survivors.

(Note: Weapons in pentagons have been removed)

ButtonSteyrM ButtonColtPython ButtonM93R-0 ButtonDBShotgun-0 ButtonSkorpion ButtonR700-0
ButtonM202 MP5 Image Glock26 Image Kalashnikova Image M4A1 Image
ButtonShovel MiniButtonAxe ButtonNewspaper

Hellish Night Logo

Hellish Night manufactures low-tier weapons, based on fictional life.


R-Brain Hardwork Logo

R-Brain Hardwork manufactures high-tier weapons, based on real life.

After L-Brain Sidework gained popularity, supplies, and more workers, they decided to create higher quality weapons. To distance themselves from their older and now lower quality company L-Brain Sidework, they formed R-Brain Hardwork, which creates much higher quality weapons, albeit at a higher price.

(Note: Weapons in pentagons have been removed)

ButtonDragunov-2 ButtonR870 ButtonM16A1-0 ButtonMinigun ButtonSpas12 ButtonFlamethrower
ButtonAK-47 ButtonCK Swat ButtonBarret50c ButtonThompson-0 Bazooka Image
ButtonRambo-0 ButtonBell-0

no image available

Heavenly Day manufactures high-tier weapons, based on fictional life.

As of now, there has been no proof of weapons that have been released by them, but there is proof that they exist.


K177 manufactures exclusive weapons, only granted to the elite of the apocalypse.


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