"The classic puddle of water. Possibly the pinnacle of slapstick comedy. The invisible disarmer, the ruiner of days. Now weaponised and 100% abusable. This unsuspecting balloon is not here to cool you off, and it is not here to make friends."
―Gadget Gabe


The Water Balloon is a troll item, similar to the Eggs and Pumpkin Pie, that can be bought for 20 Tickets during the Summer 2020 Event. However, the Water Balloon is a much more effective trolling device as it lasts for a short period of time, and trip multiple people.

Basically, if you want to be hated by everyone, use this item. However, you can use this tactically against zombies, and survivors in Free For All.

Background Story

Life in SANI Virus was not at all fun. Survivors got bored of attacking the same zombies over and over again. Some decided that they wanted to break social norms and began attacking their own survivors. While this solution does solve overpopulation, the population in the SANI dwindled.

Some companies invented the Water Balloon to solve this problem. Now, instead of killing their own kind, survivors can now laugh at the pain of someone falling over.

What's that? The survivors are using the Water Balloon to drown people? Well, that's not a problem. Those people should learn how to swim.


  • The Water Balloon forms a puddle when it hits a surface. This includes the floor, doors and walls. This puddle will trip zombies and survivors alike.
    • Therefore, it can be used against zombies when they are forced through a chokepoint or door.
    • Conversely, it can be used against survivors at chokepoints, like on a Quest.
  • The trip effect of the Water Balloon works in Bosses and Quests.
  • This is extremely useful in Free For All, as you can throw this at a spot where someone could run over a puddle, like a doorway.
  • You can use the Give Command to give you many Water Balloons to throw at people.
  • For extra trolling fun, you can throw this at survivors near close edges.
    • This is not considered teamkilling, so don't be afraid to use it for this purpose, as there will be no consequences.
    • People may Vote Kick you though.
  • While the Water Balloon deals zero damage, players can get hurt if they fall a significant distance from this.
  • You can use the Water Balloon while trying to get a Supply Box, Gifts or special Chests, such as the Jacksplot Chest, to eliminate competition.
  • The Pumpkin Bot allows you to walk over the water puddle without getting tripped, so long the puddle is on the floor.


  • This is the third item that can be used to trip other survivors.
  • The puddles formed by the Water Balloon appear in R2DA Wipeout II and R2DA Wipeout III.
  • The Water Balloon itself is a recoloured version of the Water Balloon gear found in the ROBLOX catalog.
  • There is around a 1% chance for a SFX to play when tripped by the Water Balloon.
  • On R2DA Wipeout II and R2DA Wipeout III the Water Balloon puddle is permanent, when thrown by a player the Water Balloon dries up after 10 seconds.

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