The Wagon is a simple wooden wagon that contains 6 Wooden Barrels. It is used to transport the Wooden Barrels from the coast to the well in Coastline Clash Campaign


  • The Wagon can fall down the hill. Make sure someone is pushing it at the uphill stage so this doesn't happen.
  • Don't use the Hammer to build buildings in front of the Wagon's path as it makes it so the Wagon becomes stuck.
  • You earn 2$ every time you push the Wagon closer to the destination.
    • The final pusher, the one that pushes the Wagon to its final destination, will earn 1 Fame.
  • The path is already set out, there is no need to guide it specifically.
  • If a zombie stands in front of this, it will stop, no matter how many players pushing this.
  • Only one player needs to pushing the Wagon. Other players can be defending the person pushing.


  • This behaves similarly to the Gas Tank.

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