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Vs. Environment is like Survival Unlimited, but instead of zombies, there are AI Infecteds.

If there is more than 1 player on your server, those who die, help the AIs. All players start as survivors. All players who join after the round starts will be placed on the zombie team.



  • Use explosives, such as the RPG, to get high Killstreaks easily.
  • The Barrett 50 Cal., M249 and Winchester and the HK416 can be useful with their penetration ability.
  • It's best to bring weapons that have good crowd control like the Minigun, M249 or the Flamethrower.
  • The Baseball Bat is a great choice for keeping zombies away when you need to reload. Just make sure to watch your energy reserve or you'll end up having no energy to run or defend yourself with.
  • The Bell is also very useful, as it is able to attract zombies, making them follow you in a straight line instead of them running around you and tearing you apart in a matter of seconds.
  • The Chainsaw is an overpowered upgrade to the Baseball Bat as it one-shots AIs, takes the same amount energy and can hit 5 zombies at a time.
    • The Katana is also recommended due to its ability to easily sweep through hoards.
  • A weapon with a high total damage and slower rate of fire is recommended; weapons such as the M249 and Thompson are good choices for those who prefer automatic weapons.
    • The Minigun is not ideal as it can easily empty its magazines very quickly, slow one's character down and is unable to be refilled.


  • Highly recommended to bring items that give infinite stamina temporarily, such as the Candy Cane.
  • Pipebombs are very useful in this gamemode.
  • While most explosives and incendiaries are useful here, the Flash can make AI Infecteds walk at random directions and not go directly towards you or anyone, making it more useful than in normal gamemodes, such as Survival.
  • While the Hammer may buy you some time, buildings can be quickly destroyed by AIs, if you are not careful.
    • However, sandbags are useful for blocking ladders, as the bottom layer cannot be destroyed before the top layers are.
  • Remember, Supply Boxes load in here.
    • The items it supplies can be very useful to heal you or damage AIs.


  • It is recommended to use the Tactical II or Scout since they can help you by supplying extra energy to either attack the zombies or run away.
  • If you're playing on a Single Player server, the Firevest is not recommended, due to the fact that there are no Elementals that can spawn in single player.
  • Armors that grant more ammunition are especially useful, saving you from having to refill and, in turn, causing the supply of Ammo Stations to decrease slower.
  • The Rush ability of the Bulldozer vests are useless on AI Infecteds since it doesn't block damage while rushing.


  • Do not think that charging towards the AI Infected will lead to victory, you will die quickly.
  • Conserve ammo, as it is likely you will survive for long.
    • Remember that Extra Ammo can be bought, if you run out.
  • Disruptors are not recommended as they can be broken easily.
    • However, placing it on the rooftop of Foxriver Prison may be a good tactic, if you are camping.
  • The M939 is a good defensive wall and battering ram.
  • When a group of zombies is chasing you, try to just walk and wait for your stamina to recharge that way you can hit them all with your melee weapon. They cannot damage you this way.
  • Be aware, AI Normals that sprint will be sprinting forever and never run out of stamina.


  • This is the default game mode for Single Player.
  • The maximum amount of zombies that can spawn (in a full server) is 24 (that is unless a hoard command is activated).
    • This happens to probably to prevent extreme farming.
  • Apparently, adherent ROBLOX Hitboxes does not apply in this gamemode. This is because AIs are server sided, so that leaves it a proper hitbox; unlike how the player's movements take time to replicate.
  • Single Player does not support Sunny Seaside or Outpost 21 (or Trick O' Threat Town, when it was active) even though it has Vs. Environment.