"Hmm these Vitamins can restore my health? Oh wait, only temporarily... Damn you pharmaceutical industry!"


Pills have saved the lives of many injured survivors, as far back as the earliest versions of Reason 2 Die in 2008. Using them would cause your health to be fully restored (after a short delay). The perfect time to have used them would be if you didn't have time to use a Medkit, or if you didn't have one. Rounds, where you don't buy these from the In-Game Store, are extremely uncommon.

Several years on, due to some legal issues, the Pills are back, albeit a different name, Vitamins.

Background Story

Developed and produced by a small lab, they were intended to be cheap, effective and able to last long, and were also originally designed to help those in less developed countries to have access to some form of medication. It is well known due to the company's usage of non-labelled bottles. Their overall versatility made them common in pharmacies and hospitals around the world. And so, after a few scavenging missions by the military, they are now extremely common. Their effect is probably due to the fact that all survivors chug the whole thing rather quickly. Without water. Sort of frightening, actually.


  • You can buy some Vitamins from the In-Game Store when your health is low, allowing you to continue fighting.
  • You can give another survivor Vitamins by right-clicking on them while holding it.
    • You could use this on people you defib, it was faster than them buying Vitamins themselves.
  • It was best to keep a safe distance from zombies when taking Vitamins, as the animation takes a second to work.
  • Right after you took Vitamins, you could take some damage from a zombie or radioactive waste to stop your temporary health from decreasing.
  • You might not have noticed that you are taking damage as you usually do when temporary health is still on, due to neither the red flash or damage audio playing. Look at your health bar once in a while.
  • Could be very useful on Bosses due to the short delay.
  • Try to get damaged as soon as you take Vitamins to make your health permanent.
    • Try damaging yourself from the radiation of the Ticker so you won't lose a lot of health.



  • Giving Pills added in v0.1.7.
  • Texture added in v0.1.8.
  • Added to in-game store in v0.4.9.
  • Renamed Vitamins in v1.1.9.

  • Vitamins were the first healing item to be released.
  • The Vitamins themselves, their animation and their function seem to be based off the Pills item in Left 4 Dead; R2D's main inspiration.
    • Both this item and the L4D's Pills look very similar.
  • Vitamins go back as far as the earliest versions of Reason 2 Die in 2008. They would end up keeping the same texture for the next ten years.
  • Oddly, the player dumps all the Vitamins into their mouth when using it, which would cause a deadly overdose if done in real life
  • Vitamins were named Pills before v1.1.8c but due to the updated ROBLOX community guidelines, it was removed then later readded.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Bloxy Cola.
    • The texture is different, however.


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