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The Victory Truck starts off with  about 0–5 Tires on the truck.

Depending on how many there are initially, survivors have to find 7– 12 scattered about within Kingstreet. Once a totalling number of 12 Tires are found and placed, the Truck automatically makes its way into a large tunnel seen in the back of the map.

To win, survivors have to chase the truck, open the back doors, get in, and wait for everyone else. Players that attempt to freeload by sitting in the truck while everyone else pitches in will not get any rewards. Zombies can still get into the front and back of the truck, which allows them to kill any remaining survivors in the truck.


  • You can stand on the truck when it enters the tunnel and it would also count as a win.
    • Being deep enough inside the tunnel will also count as a win.


  • The Victory Truck was the first player-driven vehicle in the game.
    • It then changed to be NPC-driven vehicle like the Helicopter.
  • The seats are buggy and sitting on them will make you float outside.
    • Other players cannot see you floating there until you jump off.
  • There used to be seats in the trailer and jacks to hold the truck up.
  • During the Christmas Event 2016, 2017 and 2018 the trailer was coloured red.
  • The truck is a free model. You can find the model here.
    • Differences include trailer colour, decals, and a modified grill.
  • The Victory Truck appears on S.S. Boliviar as a cameo.
    • Perhaps, the events of Kingstreet occur before S.S. Boliviar.
    • However, the variant on the ship is different.
      • The trailer is a lighter purple than the former truck was.
      • It reads "Awakening" instead of "Victory".
      • An Ammo Station can be found inside of the truck.


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