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Victoria Harbor

"You thought the virus wouldn't travel through sea? Think again."


Victoria Harbor is a wide-open map, tending towards long-range weapons but any weapon will suit the map. It takes a while to get from one end to the other. Due to its expanse, this is frequently used as a PvP map. You cannot swim in the water, so try not to die when moving to and from the boat.

Background Story

Although Victoria Harbor was initially used as a vital shipping port for many countries outside of the United Kingdom (especially by China) prior to the SANI Virus outbreak, the location and its workers found themselves overworked from the sudden stream of survivors pouring into the harbour.

For a while, the place transformed into a popular trading stop, where tired survivors would arrive either via on-road from the heavily quarantined urban sprawl of Britain or via boat from the far reaches of Europe, occasionally trading with the merchants who'd found the opportunity to take advantage of Victoria Harbor's' potential as a place to set up shop (at the chagrin of the former harbour workers). However, as Victoria Harbor began showing signs of prosperity, it too eventually fell into a death trap, like many so-called 'sanctuaries' in the past has. One day, an unmarked ship docked into the harbour. When the settlers there investigated the containers of the ship, instead of finding stowaway survivors, they were confronted with the growls of the undead, unwittingly unleashing the horrors of the apocalypse onto a location that had just begun to recover from the SANI Virus.

Years after the fall of Victoria Harbor and the Eastern sector of Britain, most ships redirected to the smaller harbour of Newhaven Port, seeking out a settlement that Victoria Harbor could've been. Unfortunately for them, the trails of SANI closely followed them...


This is a rather colourful and retro-looking map.

On the west end is a large pile of shipping crates. You can easily parkour around this part of the map to escape from zombies.

In the middle is a warehouse that is filled with various props. However, the inside is still quite open and it shouldn't really impede you from escaping a horde. Outside, there is a ladder that you can climb up on to get on the warehouse roof.

On the east end is a small building. You can easily climb up on the roof using the walls on the side. Nearby is a Helipad, but the path there is rather obstructed.

Floating in the water is a large ship.


  • The wall of terrain will trip on touch. Be careful if you're near it.
    • Stalkers may purposefully throw you into it so you trip.
  • Medium to long-ranged weapons is recommended on this map.
  • You can easily board the ship by sprint-jumping from the nearby crane's lowest support bars.
    • This is risky, as failing the jump will result in your death. Exercise caution whenever you do this.
    • The safer way is to climb up the ladder to the top of the crane and jump down from there.
    • Another way is using the Duck Mount.
  • A Brute, Elemental or Digger can easily knock you into the water. Watch out while walking along the edge.
  • You can use the shipping containers as cover if the situation demands it. Do remember that zombie do spawn within the premise of the containers.
  • In Team Deathmatch, the warehouse is often the main chokepoint. If you can, use the walls as cover.
  • Using the Bell, you can camp on the boat as the attraction radius can make zombies dive into the water.
  • Since players are forced through one point, during Rescue, the Hammer is good to create fortifications while the RPG is useful for wiping out those who try to breach, though the only downside is that it can push you into the water. The M202 is also good but it has a much smaller range and does lower damage.
  • You can use the Sleigh or Toy Plane to get to get around the map.
  • The Jetski is not useful on this map due to the fact that you cannot get back up once deployed on water.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • This isn't the first map to contain free models as Bouri Rig 71 and 1930's Kingstreet use free models as well.
    • When initially added, this sparked some controversy.
  • During Debug, Victoria Harbor initially had Arena as an option.
    • It was removed because zombies could too easily make survivors run out of time during the last phase.
  • Originally, Newhaven Port was meant to replace Victoria Harbor.
  • During Christmas Event 2020 this map got new spawnpoints and zombie trusses to reduce spawnkill.
  • When Victoria Harbor got changed back to normal in v1.5.2, it do not have new spawns and zombie trusses until v1.5.2b.