"Die, for the good of me and everyone else."


Vengeance is one of the six prominent skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of dark red and black. These colours are intimidating and strong, thus the name Vengeance.


  • Within R2DA, this skin series is commonly misspelt as "Vengence".
  • The Rambo Knife also has a Vengeance skin, but it uses a slightly lighter shade of red.
SVengence CPV M9Vengence 841e29ffa9beaa1c58890162c073e80c SV 4748d148ececaad83a17369ff9d99454
Steyr M Colt Python M93R DB Shotgun Skorpion Remington 700
DV WVengence MVengence MV Spas - Vengeance TVengence
Dragunov Wingmaster 870 M16A1 Minigun Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson
AK47 - Vengeance CKS NewBarretV RPGV Bat Ven FV
AK-47 CK Swat Barrett 50 Cal. RPG Baseball Bat Famas
M249 - Vengence Uzi-Vengeance MK - V Bd05d0a1e96f663f296871f84bae1a44 Tinpot20vegeace 540e151bc63d02ef73f4102b74926bd3
M249 Mini Uzis HK416 Shotty 12 Tinpot Flamethrower
Luger P08 - Vengeance
P90 - Vengeance
Karambit - Vengeance
Fireaxe - Vengeance
SCAR-H Luger P08 P90 Karambit Axe

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