The majority of vehicles seen in R2DA are seen in either Rescue or Campaign. Nonetheless, recently there has been development of other vehicles that are not integral to survival.

Almost all vehicles are automated, but a few are player-controlled. Vehicles are also one of the few ways to use the Fame you accumulate in other Gamemodes.

M4912 Plane (2) Van2
VictoryTruckButton AutomaticTrain BusButton Helicopter (2) SEUTrainButton PanamaBoatButton
PrTruck Boatcavedbutton Boatflyingshipbutton Greenplanebutton AirPlaneForCavedChaosFIXED GanadosKartButton
SubwayTrainButton SleighAAAA (1) BloxBoat (2) Raft (2) WagonButton ZiplineRaftButton

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