The Van is another drivable vehicle that you can purchase from the In-Game Store. Unlike the M939, it has more seats which the survivors can use. However, its control and its acceleration is very poor and difficult to deal with.


  • The inclination climb of this vehicle is poor.
    • Try to gain some speed before climbing ramps.
  • To sit on the back seats, you must click the back doors.
    • The back doors will close automatically, after being opened, after around 4 seconds.
  • The Van drifts significantly in deceleration and turning.
  • It may be difficult to enter the Van through the driver's seat. You can use the passenger seat entrance.
  • Compared to the M939, this is slower. However, it is far safer to travel as a passenger in the Van as there are seats for players to sit in, unlike the M939.


  • Returning vehicle from R2D 2014.
    • There isn't much change on the vehicle though, just the addition in the steering wheel and the tires being changed.
  • 2nd purchasable vehicle in R2DA, after the M939.
  • In Debug, zombies could drive the Van, shown here.
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