The Pizza Sword was sealed away inside the Cheese Chest by King Cheese. The Pizza Sword was a sword that was combined by a pizza?! How could the Pizza Sword be that strong???

Background Story

Hellish Night wanted a weapon that resembled food. Originally, it was for survivors to be able to eat and fight at the same time. They then decided that it would be to difficult, and then set out to make one that wasn’t actually made out of food. King Cheese got his hands on it eventually. When the survivors were heading to the King Cheese's Battleground, King Cheese was very angry. He tried to hide his sword from the survivors. But then, he had an idea. He locked the sword AWAY from the survivors in a Cheese Chest.


  • Good in Melee Smash because of it's length.
  • Don't eat this sword, you're gonna slice your tounge off.


  • High Damage
  • Low Energy
  • Low Swing Rate
  • High Multi-Hit


  • None


  • The Pizza Sword ROBLOX mesh can be found here.
  • This is the fifth sword in R2DA.
  • Believably a better sword than the Bone Sword because it can't hit anything.

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