Just a plastic bottle full of tasty milk with some calcium. Also, this milk is made from 100% natural pasterized cow milk.

Background Story

This bottle full of calcium so thoughtfully provided by our sponsor "Builder Brothers Pizza"! Infact, literally anything pizza-related today is also sponsored by Builder Brothers Pizza... Odd. Somehow this bottle full of calcium and other healthy attributes has healing properties.

Not for the allergic.


  • Drink it when you are running away from a big horde that is chasing you.
  • Good with Weapons such as Karambit on Chronos Quest to make wall climbing easier.
  • Drink it for a tiny bit of heath. 
  • If you have a low amount of health, keep in mind that this will NOT restore all your health. Only a bit of it.
  • Good with melees that consume much energy.


  • Second widely available drink after the Ace Cola.
  • A Milk Jar animation can be found here.
  • This item can be found in the KingCheese's Quest]

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