So, you know those things called Events, right? Sure you do! And some of you reading are likely excited for the upcoming spring event. One thing many people don't like about events, though, is that the bosses just disappear, never to be re-added again. What's the point of spending all this time making a boss that's only temporary? On the other hand, event ITEMS are supposed to be exclusive. Therefore, I've decided to come up with a solution everyone can be content with.


Boss Archival is exactly what its name says - an archival for bosses whose events have passed. If you ever want to fight an old boss again for whatever reason, whether that be farming for tickets or pure nostalgia, this is the place to be.


  • The following combines all tips for all bosses and it may lag your device if loaded. You have been warned.


  • Aim to fight the Yeti on the main island.
    • The icebergs surrounding the arena can skin and are therefore unreliable and are sometimes unpredictable.
  • Keep your distance away from the Yeti. Two of his attacks involve you being close to him.
  • There are two Ammo Stations located around the map. Try to be at either.
    • For this map, you have infinite ammo. You don't need to worry about conserving ammo.

King Crab

  • Try not to be in the water when King Crab smashes, as you'll have less time to sprint away.
  • Standing on his back may lead to you being instantly killed, even if King Crab's jumps are minuscule.
  • Keep your distance from King Crab as most of his moves involve you being close to him.

Lord Pumpkin Jr.

  • Avoid his face, he lacks any attacks to hit survivors behind him.
  • Due to explosives now dealing damage, the RPG is your best bet instead of the Steyr M.
    • However, be aware that the RPG will eat up Ammo Stations, limiting your reloads.
    • The X-Mas Launcher is not recommended, as the projectile will be burnt by lava.
  • The Minigun, M249, M16A1 or M1A1 Thompson are your best bet at beating the boss.
    • Without at least some, you can expect a tough fight.
  • Due to the lack of Ammo Stations, and since stations can easily be destroyed, equip armors that give extra magazines.
  • Bringing the Firevest will protect you from Lord Pumpkin Jr.'s Flamethrower attack, but only the fire, not the heat.
  • There are ways to get on top of him, but due to the Boos he spawns, you can get grabbed easily.
    • You also get launched into the lava if he dies and you're still on top of him, as he explodes upon death.
  • Sometimes using an Airstrike will glitch the round to make Lord Pumpkin Jr. still attack, even though the health bar is zero. Try not to use the Airstrike when he does his Mega Fireball move.
  • The Toy Bow doesn't affect Lord Pumpkin Jr. or the Boos.
  • If a teammate is getting carried by a Boo try to rescue them by shooting at it.
    • If the mentioned teammate has no legs, try not to release them over lava, but over land.


  • You will be stunned and damaged simply by touching the horn, so try to avoid his face.
  • Avoid the Ice Tornadoes whenever possible, as it can toss you right in front of Rhi-snow.
  • Avoid the Ground Pound at any cost as getting hit directly or getting caught in the blast will instantly kill anyone without the right armor, such as the Bulldozer II.
    • The Ground Pound can still affect you in the air, so watch out.
  • You can jump into the water to avoid the attacks from Rhi-snow.
    • However, the water deals 2 damage per second. Don't stay in the water for too long.
  • If Rhi-snow falls into the water, he teleports to the centre of the map. Watch out if you are standing there.
  • Use any weapon that deals lots of total damage overall.
    • The M1A1 Thompson is recommended with Bulldozer armor.
    • The Minigun, with the Bandolier, is recommended for the Rhi-snow.
    • The Flamethrower would logically most likely be the most effective against this boss, as the Rhi-snow is ice after all. However, it does not deal any extra damage.
  • Some Pills, a Medkit, a Molotov or a Grenade should be helpful in fighting this behemoth.
  • If you are stuck underneath the boss, simply crouch to wiggle out of there.
    • Doing this will have a greater chance of you not being flung.
  • Until v0.9.0, it was possible to use the Defibrillator to send Rhi-snow flying with a chance of it flying off the map and into the void entirely, causing a win.
    • If not successful, Rhi-snow would teleport back to the centre of the map mostly as if nothing had happened.
  • Wearing no accessories will make you unfreeze faster.

Yeti II

  • Try going in smaller servers, as a large server will put it at max health.
  • At half health, the Yeti's Club Smash becomes much more powerful, gaining extra range.
    • This counts as part of his rage mode.
    • The range of the Club Smash attack, when at half health, covers the middle of the arena. Remember this when being close to him.
  • The M249 and Minigun are the most recommended weapons to fight this.
    • The Flamethrower may logically be recommended, but it doesn't deal any extra damage.
      • It can be used to wipe out the Toy Penguins that Yeti II spawn.
  • Go behind the Yeti as he cannot smash you from behind.
    • The hitbox of the smash extends a small amount behind him, however, so take caution.
      • In addition, the Yeti can turn around unexpectedly fast.
  • At all costs avoid those pesky penguins.
    • Fire an RPG at Yeti when he spawns them to kill them all.
    • Swimming underwater to avoid penguins is a good idea.
      • They cannot go underwater, only on top.
  • Don't stand on the small islands and icebergs for too long because they will occasionally sink.
    • However, the icebergs will resurface after a while.
  • Bring items that can heal you. Although most of the Yeti's attacks instantly kill you, you can get worn down over time.
  • Try to jump high on an open area when the Yeti is about to throw his club. There is a good chance that you will survive.
  • The Yeti can be harmed with explosives. Use this to your advantage.
  • The three Frozen Orbs give the Yeti the ability to use Cold Rejuvenation. You can stop them by destroying them with fire.
    • Cold Rejuvenation is still usable after all orbs are destroyed, but its effect is significantly dampened.
  • Avoid staying in crowded places, there is a big chance that you will get hit by an attack.
  • Try to leave the middle when you spawn; he will summon Ice Tornadoes which will fling you into the water.
  • He frequently does a combo with Club Throw and Ice Tornadoes; use this as a sign to give you time to escape either of those attacks.
  • Going into the water during Icicle Rain is a good strategy to not get hit.
    • This is due to the fact that icicles will only spawn above land.
    • It is also is a good idea to go onto the small ice blocks, since the icicles rarely land there.
  • If you are careful enough, and have the Yeti Helmet, you can get on top of the Yeti's head and stay there. This way he will only use Club Smash facing one direction. Just be careful not to fall off when he moves while club smashing.
  • Yeti's Club Smash comes out very quickly. Be prepared to react fast.

King Crab II

  • Get into the water whenever the volcano starts erupting.
  • Use the Jetpack to gain an advantage of not getting hit when on the ground.
    • But still be careful, the Sand Crabs King Crab II summons might hit you while you are trying to ascend.
  • Standing on top of King Crab II is possible, but not recommended due to the Wave of Sand attack that is capable of killing anyone close to him. 
  • Bring an armor that gives lots of health, such as Bulldozer II or X-Mas Cape.
  • Bearing in mind the arena is quite big, standard automatics will not be effective in this map.
  • As a rule of the thumb, try to stay as far away as possible from King Crab II, while still dealing damage. Stay as close as possible to the water's edge to escape the volcano.
  • King Crab II will find nearby surface or attack nearby survivors if he is ever in the water.


  • Watch out when he faces you.
    • If he faces you, he may use either use Dual Miniguns or Missile Launcher.
      • These attacks are extremely hard to dodge.
    • In 2019, an additional attack, the Pressure Slam can also be used if he is facing you.
      • Touching the orange spikes will instantly kill you. Move away from the impact area quickly.
    • He sometimes won't use anything and turn away from you instead.
  • As of v1.2.4, the Pumpkinator has an attack that will stun you if you are standing on top of him.
  • Boos can grab you, leading to your death.
    • In 2019, the Boos fling you instead. They are even more deadly since they can trip you into the lava.
      • To prevent this, use the Boo Blast. This will make you immune to Boos.
      • You can also use the Boo Buster to kill them while they're transparent.
      • If you have neither item, the Winchester does a good job of killing them in one shot.
  • Mobility is key so that he doesn't target you.
  • It should be noted that range and accuracy actually matters for this Boss.
  • Watch out when the Pumpkinator spawns Skellies.
  • You can actually destroy the meteors (in his Volcano Dance attack) with the Rambo Knife by throwing the knife at them.
    • The M202 also works doing this method.
  • Pumpkinator may destroy the whole map in Pumpkinator's Revenge.
    • This may cause you to stand on Ammo Stations as they do not disappear when the terrain around them is destroyed.

Frost Golumn

  • Touch his torso to activate it.
  • Do not stay where the Frost Golumn faces, four attacks can directly hit you with short notice.
    • Camping is also not a good idea. His Icicle Rain can hit nearly anywhere on the map and his Rocket Brofist can easily leave most survivors weakened.
    • The map is also very small and you will likely be tossed into the water, taking even more damage.
  • The Yeti Helmet or Frozen X-Mas Cape helps with the Frost Spell attack.
    • If you aren't frozen, you are unlikely to be damaged during his Monkey Mode attack.
      • If you are hit by his Monkey Mode, however, you will likely die, due to explosive damage, if you're not wearing armor.
  • This boss can use Omega Heal three times, attack the boss after that.
  • When it shakes its torso, his Icicle Rain is about to initiate.
    • If you cannot reach the icebergs in time, jump into the water.
      • However, don't stay in there for too long. You will be damaged 10 HP per second.
      • You must touch land before you stop taking damage from the water. You will still take damage if you are in the air and haven't touched land yet.
  • Acorns are recommended for healing the entire team.
  • The Shells should be dealt with first before attacking the boss.
    • However, if you do not have an accurate weapon, such as the Barrett 50 Cal., it is best to use the Pumpkin Bot or leave these mobs alone.
      • You can also use the RPG to kill all of them when they initially spawn.
  • When the Frost Golumn enters the water, it will teleport to the middle of the arena.
    • Be wary when he falls into the water if you are in the middle of the arena.
  • Flamethrowers can thaw frozen players and can kill Shells if in range.
    • However, Shells normally just fly higher up.
  • Frost Golumn can only use Omega Heal three times. However, there is no way to prevent it from healing.
    • Once the move has been used three times, a message will be displayed in the chat saying: "Frost Golumns heal has been depleted."


  • Ducky is quite glitchy while flying, so be prepared for anything.
    • She will use the Duck Bomber attack when she flies, so don't stand below her.
  • Standing in front of Ducky is not recommended, as she can use her Feather Blow, PeckRunning in the 90's or Duck Bomber attacks.
  • If Ducky is trying to use the Peck attack towards you, it's highly recommended to get to high ground or use a Jetpack.
    • Getting to high ground does not always work, as Ducky could break the structure.
    • Ducky will target you until you die. It is best to outrun her, if you can, with stamina boosting items such as the Candy Cane.
    • To avoid this, don't be the nearest person to her, as she will target said person.
    • Eggs are also quite useful to prevent Peck.
    • If you don't have any Eggs, it is best to make her stuck behind the Ammo Stations or the tractor.
  • Throwing Eggs at Ducky will cause her to stop what she is doing and use Shy Block.
    • Use this to your advantage to make her stop attacking you or other players.
    • This only stops the Peck and Guitar attack.
    • The move also happens when her Guitar is destroyed.
  • If you have any, you can use a Cakepack and a Jetpack will help you from falling off the map when Ducky uses Feather Blow.
  • Be careful of killing Ducky at the edge of the map as the Key might get stuck off the map.
  • Destroying the Guitar is priority when Ducky uses this ability.
    • She cannot use the Guitar after it is destroyed.
  • Be aware, when Ducky falls off the map, she respawns in front of the barn.
  • Keep your distance from Ducky to avoid her attacks, as they will lead to your eventual death.

Papa Squid

  • Jump constantly to have a better chance of avoiding most of his attacks.
    • Although jumping is usually helpful, it can still lead you to a deadly situation, such as getting shocked by a Jellyfish or getting tripped by a Puffy.
    • Remember that you can triple jump before requiring to touch solid ground again.
    • Fall damage is also non-existant.
  • It is recommended to bring a long ranged weapon when fighting Papa Squid as the arena is very big.
  • The Duck (Mount) can be useful in slowing falls down, avoiding Papa Squid's attacks.
    • The Jetski is not useful here as it cannot move underwater.
  • Using the Flakvest is good way to survive the Iron Rainfall and Abyssal Assault attack.
  • Using the Jetpack can allow you to dodge attacks and recover from being knocked off the map.
    • A good alternative, whenever knocked off the map, is the Rocket Sleigh, as you can use it to boost yourself back to the platform.
  • You can jump in the air to escape the Iron Rainfall Attack.
    • However, you are unable to double jump when he does this attack. The Duck Mount will come in handy in this situation.
  • Don't get too close to Papa Squid as he is able to use his Wriggling Wrath and Grab Trap attack on you. This will potentially do a lot of damage or even kill you, if you are not prepared.
  • Projectiles (such as the RPG, M202, Grenade, Molotov etc.) go up because they are in the water. You need to throw them just below where you want them to go.
  • When Papa Squid sits on his chest, he will use the Iron Rainfall attack. Get onto pillars are continuously jump when he does so.
  • The Harpoons are useful in preventing Papa Squid from moving. This is really helpful during the Prodigy of the Sea.

Frosty Jr.

  • Recognise his patterns of attacking.
    • Many of his attacks grow stronger when he is in Thor Mode.
  • This boss is unpredictable and can use a multitude of attacks if you are near him, so keep your distance. Melee weapons and the Flamethrower are a no-go.
    • However, the Flamethrower may be useful at thawing survivors.
  • The water damages you at 10 HP per second. Try to get out of the water as soon as possible.
    • After 6 seconds, you will be dealt 20 damage per second; 10 HP from the cold water and 10 HP from drowning.
      • Use Jetpack or Jetski to get back on solid ground as fast as you can.
  • Stay away from the Ice Tornadoes.
    • If you are not careful, they can potentially fling you off the map or drown you.
  • Wear any armor but it is recommended to use iceproof armors such as Frozen X-Mas Cape and Christmas Coat.
    • If you really want the Yeti Chest, then it may be useful to bring the Scout to have a competitive advantage over everyone else.
  • Use high damaging weapons such as the Minigun, SCAR-HM249 and P90.
    • Be aware that the Minigun and M249 slow you down so it may inhibit your ability to dodge attacks.
  • The Jetski mount is useful for dodging Ice Tornadoes and Icicle Rain attacks.
    • It also prevents you taking damage from the water if you are on the mount.
  • Bring the Jetpack to get out of the water faster so that you don't drown.
    • The Jetpack is also quite useful for getting the Yeti Chest as you can see where it spawns.
  • The M2 Tripod mount can be useful on this map on top of the small hut on the pier.
  • Try to use M2 Tripods that have been left by survivors if you have a relatively weak weapon or run out of ammo.
    • After 400 shots, the M2 Tripod will break, though Frosty Jr. himself cannot break the M2 Tripod.
  • Camping on the pier may be a good idea since his Ice Tornadoes rarely reach that far.
    • However, Icicle Rain still reaches the pier.
    • In addition, the Gatekeeper Slam and Hammer Throw attacks can destroy the pier, taking out an Ammo Station.
  • Stay near other survivors. Using the Patriots Flag or Acorn is advised to heal the team.
    • Be aware of your surroundings since staying with a group of people can lead to an attack from Frosty Jr.
  • If you are in desperate need of health, remember that the In-Game Store has Vitamins to buy and that you can use the Give Command.
  • Be careful of Frosty Jr.'s Hammer Throw. Simply touching his hammer will instantly kill you.
    • Even with armor, it deals around 200 damage meaning that you are left severely weakened.
  • Do not stand on his hat as this will trip you.
    • Also do not stand on the wall as this will also trip you.
  • Taking the Duck Mount might be good idea to avoid ground attacks, such as Gatekeeper Smash.
    • However, there is a bug, where if you spawn at the moment of getting frozen (most notably with the Ice Tornadoes) you will might get flung in the void with no chance of recovery due to the freeze time.
  • Make sure to grab the Key from Frosty Jr. as soon as possible as there is a limited timer for collecting boss rewards, even if you haven't taken the Key.


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