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  • I live in Irony Island
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is dying
  • I am the nothingburger
  • ROLVeBloxxer

    sandbox 2

    July 4, 2020 by ROLVeBloxxer

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    Animations here

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  • ROLVeBloxxer


    July 4, 2020 by ROLVeBloxxer
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  • ROLVeBloxxer


    March 15, 2020 by ROLVeBloxxer


    There had been many versions and builds of the Crossbow in many countries, even hand-crafted by those desperately in need for a reliable weapon in this day and age. The only commonality they share together is not lasting as what was intended, as previous versions of the Crossbow were pulled from the market after many repeated String Engagement problems and the actual string snapping from being quickly worn out during combat. Being one of the CEO's most favorable weapons of old, he sends out a party to find the very blueprints of the Crossbow.

    He was surprised when the party came back quicker than expected; after buying a schematic of the Crossbow at a reasonable price from a N.P.F. Dealer, for which the party then represents to the CEO back at H…

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  • ROLVeBloxxer

    Four Squares

    September 1, 2019 by ROLVeBloxxer

    Test out the map here!

    Four Squares is a rather colorful PvP based map.

    Reportedly, this place was supposed to be used for bumper cars. Now people use it for fighting against each other just in case something goes awry between survivor groups.

    Don't worry. No one dies. Not really.

    This is a rather colourful and retro-looking map.

    Four color coded bases (clockwise; green, red, yellow, blue) are set in stone with bridges connecting them all to each other. All bases have shields at the bottom entrances where they spawn to prevent spawnkilling.

    • cha cha real smooth

    • Based off of Block Fort from Mario Kart.

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  • ROLVeBloxxer

    Sawed Off DB

    August 18, 2019 by ROLVeBloxxer

    The Sawed Off is an attachment for the DB Shotgun that changes the appearance of the gun and massively boosts the damage while trading off a bit of accuracy and a lot of range.

    The DB Shotgun was an overall excellent weapon for the new survivors of the apocalypse. But some people complained that it was too big for them.

    What's the natural solution? Why, cut off the barrel and stock, of course!

    Rambo Knives and Karambits couldn't cut off the stock properly, so for a few extra bucks, Sinister Arms sold special kits designed for this purpose.

    • The range and accuracy decrease are extremely drastic while using this. Do not treat it as a mid-range weapon.
    • This weapon demolishes anything in it's path in close quarters. While it's best in that area, try …

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