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Due to update v1.5.4 I no longer have any will to finish this as my zombie problem is half fixed thank you very much.

Reason to Die Awakening

Well how do we start? R2DA is a complicated game after all, not only complicated but old. The game is clearly losing players and not gaining many at all. Maybe I'm wrong and the game is prospering while you read this.

Table of Contents:

Items: Something a survivor can use in-game, examples: Cake, boo buster, life vest, grill

Gameplay = Game play

Content: What the game has to offer for the player

The main problems of R2DA:

  1. New players tend to play the game only once to a few times before leaving
  2. The game depends on events to give updates to the game
  3. The player count is mostly older players
  4. The game isn't getting new updates that aren't copies or similar to existing events/items
  5. The game isn't really going anywhere
  6. Probably a lot more, etc...

My problems with R2DA:

  1. Zombie spawning
  2. Deadvelopment Center
  3. Game breaking bugs/glitches
  4. Balancing
  5. Toxicity
  6. New items
  7. Split Conflicts
  8. Beginner problems

Main R2DA problems

New Players

New players that join R2DA may find the game more complex and harder than other zombie games on Roblox. Examples: Zombie attack, Zombie rush.

R2DA is a complicated game where you have to learn how to play as a survivor and a zombie.

Survivors can have different loadouts that result in a type of gameplay, survivability, and generally what people like using. Each survivor likely has a different loadout than another making the game have more content and last longer. And of course if you where stuck with the same loadout it would get boring and less interesting for the zombies

Zombies are also very different each zombie having different abilities which lead to different play styles. Example: an Edgar zombie is a zombie that can grab survivors with it's tongue from long ranges. Best to be far away from survivors to snipe them.

R2DA is unlike most games based on the gameplay, the content, and the many different ways you can die. Hence the name.

Because of how hard the game is for beginners, due to how they have to learn how the game works. Not a very simple task is it?

Beginners also have a hard time having any fun/enjoyment. Beginner servers have low amounts of players, single player does not give you much if you haven't prestiged. Beginners don't have a variety of items to use either. And when they have passed rank 10 most of the time they can't even get any kills. Making the game even slower for them. Beginners are likely not to be invited into an ex or cash party either.

  • Ranking up is slow
  • You have to learn a lot about the game by yourself
  • Cash is hard to get
  • Getting kills stolen
  • Not a lot of choices
  • Boring

General updates to R2DA

R2DA constantly relies on event updates to update the game. R2DA should focus on updating the game once per month. In my experience having not constant updates kills games.

Your probably thinking, how isn't R2DA dead yet then?

  • Games like R2DA depend on content to keep the game alive, R2DA has loads of content
  • R2DA has a sizable amount of older players
  • Complex games tend to last longer

R2DA is a masterpiece that has lasted a long time. However, the game clearly isn't going to last for much longer. Updates give older and newer players more content.

Originality, something not similar to an existing item

Some examples of this are quite easy to find.

Candy cane, Candy corn, Carrot -All infinite stamina

Panama punch, Strawberry Juice -All give 60 heath over time

This makes almost no content and are copies or very similar to previous items. Basically its the same thing and its boring.

However, one great thing they started doing is bringing back older event items that aren't available. Don't slack on this though, older players and soon everyone will have these items or ones similar or better than it. Making it boring and very similar to the item we already have in the game.

Just make something new that's completely different and original please.

My problems with R2DA


A main problem I pursue to fix/improve...


  • Zombies will spawn in the same place 4 times in a row
  • Zombies do not spawn in reasonable places
  • Some spawns are just plain dumb and make some zombies unplayable or spawn killed
  • More that I don't remember, f

Zombies spawn in the same place 4 times in a row

Very predicable and easy targets for spawn killing. Spawn killing makes the game unenjoyable for zombies and unfair. Also doesn't shooting at the same spot get boring for the survivors?

Problem: Small code change

Zombies do not spawn in reasonable places

Ok ok, your probably confused.

Imagine you are an Edgar zombie, you spawn in close range next to survivors. Is this a good spawn???

Zombies should spawn in reasonable places for both the survivor's and zombie's own good.

Ever had a brute spawn on you and smash you to death?

Did you even read the example I wrote above? hmm...


Edgars: Should spawn at far ranges, they can grab survivors with their tongue.

Brutes: Should spawn at medium ranges, can rush survivors or throw clubs, doesn't spawn on a survivor killing them.

Diggers: Should spawn at medium ranges, can dig to get survivors but have a higher chance to not get spawn killed.

Elms: Should spawn at medium ranges, can use fire balls, can change forms, change brutes if not dealt with, doesn't spawn on survivors burning them.

Stalkers: Far range or medium range, can get to survivors fast, hit and run.

Leapers: Spawn near solo survivors to encourage teamwork???? All ranges, Spawn on the high ground to be more surprising. IDK man.

Normal zombie: Spawn in close range, well you have to be close to hit them.

Tickers: close ranges, the point of tickers is to make survivors have an urge to move out of a spot because of radiation.

Swarmer, Medium range, don't get bees instantly when they spawn, can throw honey.

Champion: Far range, don't get spawn killed by it

The range depends on where most of the survivors are in an area.

Problem: Time consuming, HUGE CODE LINE, breaking, Air zombies, already broken spawns