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So it's my next suggestion for my R2DA idea I hope you like it

How does it look?

it looks like a police shield its all black and it does have small window to see something through it

now lets go to the controls

block ability: hold right click to block it it uses low stamina stamina and you walk slower

push ability: hold right click then click left mouse button to push it wastes 40% of your stamina cooldown is 2 seconds

it can block: digger, leaper, zombies, swarmer, ticker and it can block push, edgar punches and tongue.

it cannot block: elemental/electric elemental, brute/charged brute, stalker, champion, swarmer bee hive, ticker explode.


its on a secondary

its a melee

does 10 damage

medium push knockback

level 35

price 30k

small range

you get damage from behind

pros & cons


blocks zombie abilities that can bypass fist blocking

can push with medium knockback

not bad price


small range

gets damage from behind

cannot block some zombie explosions/abilities

high level