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    I will be talking about current uses for the event weapons that R2D:A currently has. This will be based off of what I have seen people do with event items and what they are currently used for. This list is not 100% true. This will be in order of the list on the weapons page. 

    X-Mas Launcher: Never used because it is outclassed by the RPG and M202 mainly because of the range and explosion delay. It can be very rarely seen in TDM.

    Toy Boy: A meme weapon but in sort of a sad way. Used to be the ideal brute stopper until the Ice Gun blew this out of the water. People sometimes use this in TDM but always seem to miss the shot and end up dying.

    Ice Gun: Since there are better ice options this isn't used that often but is still used to stop Brutes a…

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