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"Well done! You have got the happy ending. Now the cops want to kidnap you to use in biological experiments."


A part of the Battle Celebration. Warbat is a warhead helicopter controlled by possibly a corrupt cop or a thief that stole a militar helicopter. You fight him in the Skyscraper of an apocalyptic town.

Background Story

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Unknown. (Possibly Scrapbomb & Pepper Grenade)


  • Explosive weapons and items are recomended to take down Warbat shield.
  • Stay away from the Warbat blades since they can instantly kill you.
  • While you're being targetted by the Reticle Blast attack, try to hide behind the high roof or inside the mini roof houses.
  • During the Minigun Missiles attack, Warbat will start to fire missiles for 8 seconds. Candy Cane, Carrot, Candy Corn or any item that gives infinite stamina are recomended to run away from the missiles.
    • These items are also recomended for the Spikes Ram attack.
  • The Badland Cola and Flakvest are also recomended to prevent being tripped by Warbat missiles too many times.
  • Throwable melees are not recomended since they will deal no damage on Warbat.
  • Dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time will also rage Warbat, making him attack faster.


  • Possibly the first flying boss in the R2D series.
    • Not counting Papa Squid since you fight him underwater.
  • The Warbat name and design are obviously based on a "Bat".
    • The name is also probably based on the name "Warhawk".
  • The Warbat is probably the first non-living machine boss in R2DA.