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"Electrical walls can't stop me from getting to this chest!"
―Zapped Survivor.


The Strawberry Chest can only be found in Sir Strawberry's Domain after defeating Sir Strawberry and Queen Cocoa during the Easter Event 2021. After defeating the both of them the electrical wall sealing the chest away will open, opening this chest will award the player with either a Egg Launcher or Toy Motorcycle if you already have both of them you will get a 'Berry Skincrate.

Background Story

Once upon a time, there was a kid named Greg Tame. This kid loved to pull pranks, such as egging houses on his custom made motorcycle. Once the apocalypse had started, he gave his precious valuables to a close friend named Lynncoln. After he had done this, he joined the military to help the cause against the new SANI threat.

Lynncoln was overwhelmed by floating strawberries and chocolate with hammers from an old foe. He was captured by them and accused of murdering King Cherry Cake, and for eating the Sky Kingdom's civilians. He cursed the box his friend had given him all those years ago, to only be given to those worthy of defeating his captor's masters.


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  • Camp the door as soon as the boss dies so you can run and possibly get the chest.


  • From the screenshot, It appears to be locked behind a wall.