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This map is currently unavailable In-Game and is being tested in Debug.
Information on this page is incomplete and may change.

Minininho02/April Fools 2021 - Sir Strawberry's Domain

"Are you sure this place isn't edible? "
― Random Survivor


Sir Strawberry's Domain is the boss map in which survivors will fight the new bosses, Sir Strawberry and Queen Cocoa.

This being in the test, so these edits that you make is useless.

Background Story

When King Cherrycake died, his island fell. He had left his entire Kingdom to his successor, his colleague. Sir Strawberry was sure that he would kill those same players who killed his friend. But wary if his successor would live up to his name or be better than himself, to take revenge for what they've done to him. But Sir Strawberry hopes that one day he'll bring a end to this chaos against these reckless beings.


  • The map has the boss chest in a gated area. It opens up when the bosses are defeated, so be sure to be near it when the fight ends!
  • Stay up high so the bosses and minions can't reach you as easily.
  • Be careful who you kill first, as the remaining boss will enrage.
  • Dont die. • probably going to be added in 1.5.3


  • Its a map
  • This is the trivia
  • This is SPARTA!
  • This isn't America
  • This isn't Canada
  • This isn't Australia
  • This isn't the UK
  • This isn't Russian
  • This isn't Kazakhstan
  • This isn't R2DA