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This weapon is currently unavailable In-Game and is being tested in Debug.
Information on this page is incomplete and may change.

"Eggs dont seem like the best ammunition for a gun."
―Tinpot Noob


The Egg Launcher fires a single egg from a round of 6/1. If said egg hits a zombie it will cover their screen in egg yolk and cause them to trip, it can only do the same to survivors in PVP however.

Background Story

Apparently, Sir Strawberry and Queen Cocoa were running an Egg operation, perhaps to raise an army, or perhaps to bring back Sir Strawberry's best friend, King Cherrycake. Whatever the reason may be, a Compressed-Air-Powered Cannon, fueled by canisters made of PRLogicite, was found in a chest by a curious Survivor. Apparently, they also had the brilliant idea of taking one of these eggs and placing it into the cannon, which fit like a red key in a red door, and launching it at an unsuspecting survivor too close to an edge, coating the poor soul in yolk and whites. With the abundance of eggs and schematics of the launcher's design, mass production began, and it could be bought for a hefty price of 1,499 of those fabled Tickets.

Keep the launcher, you filthy Troll.


  • ADS for more accuracy.


  • Trips.
  • Quick Reload.
  • Egg Yolk effect.


  • Limited ammo.
  • Low damage.
  • Hard to get.


  • Might be a Reference to the "Egg-hunt Egg Launchers" Gear, given to Star Creators, Roblox Admins, And Developers who participated in the event
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