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  • I am Myself
  • Lolwa21

    Gather round children......

    (The candles glow wanes by the minute)

    I shall tell you a tale... one about a boy named Millitaryteen

    Milit was an average little boy, who loved sports, cars, and video games like any other child of his age. But he was different.

    You see, Millitaryteen XIII Jr was born without a meme. His parents kept it a secret, but when the day came where the children were learning to harness the power of their meme,the word got out that he didn't have a meme.

    Poor little Millit became the laughing stock of the fair town of R2DA.

    The years went by, and things didn't change. Millit was bullied,teased and harassed at Meme School. "u can't meme lmao" said Swager. "Who is this kid again?" Asked the new kid , Collab. "hah 5 years and yo…

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