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The Serbu Super-Shorty is a compact, stockless, pump-action shotgun chambered in 12-gauge. It features a spring-loaded, folding foregrip.

Background Story

This amazing short range shotgun was manufactured by [DATA EXPUNGED]. At the beginnings of it's existance it started attracting alot of "wealthy" costumers which wanted to buy this weapon, unfortunately when they saw it they were disappointed at the design. This hard piece of metal looked very similar to a weapon that had a similar name. Survivors started to wonder if [DATA EXPUNGED] would get sued by another company that was called L-Brain Sidework. In the office, [DATA EXPUNGED] started to think about this problem, so they simply scrapped the weapon for good. The next decade a survivor found the plans of this weapon, he decided to build it and sell this weapon at a lower price. The apocalypse was going mad and so everybody needed a weapon for a cheap cost. Finding this weapon was a miracle for all the medium ranks in the world. L-Brain Sidework won't sue a little innocent guy so they wanted to hired him in their company.

He accepted the offer and started producing tons of the same weapon everyday until every worker at L-Brain Sidework started memorizing the same weapon and so they too joined the production. This weapon is a world famous piece of metal which was sold even in Antarctica. The Shotty 12 was popular too but it didn't compare to the amazing Shorty. A decade passed and the man that originally produced the shorty Started to get sick because of his old age. He soon died with a respect from the other left survivors. There was a big funeral happening in California, nearly all of the survivors around the world went to that funeral. The ones who didn't had a solid reason. And that's how the story ends...


  • Cheap
  • Low Ranked
  • Quick Reload
  • Moderate Damage


  • Short Range
  • Low Accuracy
  • Low Ammunition
  • No Attachments

I need someone to help with stats, summary, and backstory.


  • NotKithenfrige: Mesh
  • ThriftyPie: Texture
  • NervousAmanuel: Statistics
  • Duckcynical: Background Story
  • yann85: Beautiful Artist Representation concept

Shorty will probably get a re-model because of broken pieces and looks too simliar to Shotty 12.

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