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―Inf Bread

Background Story

K177 would've had a hard time making these things, if there hadn't already been the 16,300 pre-made nuclear weapons that the U.S held.


Basically a nuclear bomb which falls down from the sky in a random spot and completely wipes out every single zombie in the map, temporarily preventing them from spawning for 30 seconds. This instantly kills who uses it and applies low radiation ticks (sound only) to everyone, as if they were near a waste pool or Ticker.

The sky changes to judgement day just like in Bootcamp and Lord Pumpkin Jr. and an eerie windy ambience can be heard throughout the rest of the current round after the nuke explodes.


  • Can be only used once every 10 rounds.
  • A siren can be heard before the explosion.
  • Incredibly useful during Hard mode.
  • Possibly coming in v0.8.7.
  • Inflicts a flashbang effect on everyone when exploding.
  • Can be bought in the LIVE STORE.
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