Bannable Glitches
Abuse of an unwanted flaw, malfunction or irregularity left by the developers

Not Bannable

  • Double Knife Throwing
  • Double Spear Throwing
  • Health Glitch w/Vitamins+Cake
  • Accuracy Glitch
  • Increasing walkspeed by crouching/backspacing w/Slowmoving weapons/items
  • TDM Point Glitch
  • Zombie Point Glitch
  • Flying Van Glitch
  • Mobile Electric Elemental Aimbot Bug/Glitch
  • Brute Lagswitch


  • Ragdoll Glitching (3day+ Ban)
  • Corner Glitching (3day+ Ban)
  • Water Glitching w/Mount (3day+ Ban)
  • Infinite Stamina Karambit (3day+ Ban)
  • Tab Glitching (2week+ Ban)


  • Speed Glitching (3day+ Ban)
  • Controllable Sleigh (3day+ Ban)
  • Glitching out of Map/Skipping Quest Obstacles (3day+ Ban)
Example: Skipping KCC Quest door without opening it
NonExample: Using karambit on Chronos Quest, using sleigh on Ducky Quest
  • Team Killing Glitches (1week+ Ban)
  • Infinite Knife Throwing (1week+ Ban)
  • Infinite Spear Throwing (1week+ Ban)
  • Spife Throwing (Combination of both Spear & Knife) (1week+ Ban)

Allowed in Private VIP Servers

If there is no way to prove that the user was in a Private VIP Server, then the user will remain banned

  • All types of glitching are allowed in Private VIP Servers ONLY
  • Obstruction Construction
  • Mass Teaming
  • Round Delay
  • Spamming


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