We are back! Sinister Arms Inc. prevails with finally getting the Crossbow out of development hell. Many ideas had to be scrapped sadly and animations had to be redone many times, but we finally got this working in our favor! I don't really have much to say, except read until the end where I have news to share with everyone about future developments and our plans going onward in the future. Other than that, here is the final returning weapon suggestion, The Crossbow!


The Crossbow is a returning weapon from R2D 2014. It is one of the few bow-type weapons in the game, being complete with some attachments and a diverse lineup of special ammo types that can work in the survivor's favors in a multitude of situations. 

Background Story

There had been many versions and builds of the Crossbow in many countries, even hand-crafted by those desperately in need for a reliable weapon in this day and age. The only commonality they share together is not lasting as what was intended, as previous versions of the Crossbow were pulled from the market after many repeated String Engagement problems and the actual string snapping from being quickly worn out during combat. Being one of the CEO's most favorable weapons of old, he sends out a party to find the very blueprints of the Crossbow.

He was surprised when the party came back quicker than expected; after buying a schematic of the Crossbow at a reasonable price from a N.P.F. Dealer, for which the party then represents to the CEO back at HQ to view as requested. While its design certainly stood out to him than his previous bow, the CEO immediately understood why it never succeeded - the previous models before being pulled from the markets were flawed with cheap materials and many design irregularities to cause the weapon to have significant problems. After doing some personal concept corrections, he forwarded the blueprint to his Chief Engineer - a close friend of the CEO's - to re-prefect it in the CEO's image. The design is to be more simpler and cleanly shaped, then the Engineer added a few separate modifications for the Crossbow upon finalizing for a price - generally to make the base weapon affordable. With the CEO satisfied with these new changes at last, he invites unnamed customers at random for final testing and eagerly awaits for feedback from his invitee's.


  • High Damage
  • High Range
  • High Accuracy
  • Reusable Ammo (Missed Bolts)
  • 3x ammo bonus from armor
  • Plenty of Attachments


  • Medium Ranked</span
  • Low DPS
  • Single Shot
  • Expensive
  • Firing Arc


  • Modeled off of a Recurve Crossbow.
  • Returning weapon from R2D 2014.
  • This was originally a standalone suggestion made by National_Rascal, the latest concept of this weapon expands on its core attachments and including new ammunition types.
  • The explosive bolt ammo works similarly to how it worked in R2D 2014 and in COD: Zombies


We had the one and only bloxxerMan666 animate the crossbow! It went through many reitrations due to new methods of animating, but we finally got something that works for all of us, enjoy!
Crossbow Animations - R2D A Suggestion

Crossbow Animations - R2D A Suggestion

Crossbow Mechanics

  • Crossbow Bolts have a drop-off.
Similar to Toybow, the Crossbow has a bolt drop-off which isn't too harsh. With upgrades, this drop-off can be significantly reduced and used effectively because of its long accurate range.
  • Bolts that don't hit any enemies can be picked back up.
Bolts may stick to walls or fall to the ground, you're able to pick them back up unless fired into a zombie or another player which you can't retrieve.
  • If you shoot a limb and that is the killing blow, the limb will follow the Bolt and be caught on any surface. If possible, you can pick up the bolt.
Ex: Shoot someone's head, their head will be on the Bolt until it hits the wall or any surface. Can make for some dirty kills and funny moments.
  • Gets +3 Bolts instead of +1 clip from Armor bonuses.
To make it simple, it has the shotgun mechanic since it does not have any clips.

Special Ammo

  • Fire Bolts
Functionally similar to standard fire ammo used by most weapons.
  • Ice Bolts
Functionally similar to standard ice ammo used by most weapons.
  • Explosive Bolts
Functions the same way as the crossbow from R2D 2014, a small delay like pipebomb then a devastating explosion. Note that zombies do not follow the explosive bolts, to compensate for the small delay, the explosion packs quite a punch.
  • Steel Bolts
Basically Hard Bullets, +50 Damage, you can hear a harder impact SFX when it hits a wall or a more devastating impact SFX when striking an enemy.
  • Zipline Bolts
Creates a zip-line that survivors can use, survivors only get a few bolts (6) to use until they run out. Follows actual physics. Can be broken by zombies, bolts have limited health like disruptors and hammer structures.
  • Grapple Bolts
Alternative bolt that grapples you anywhere that is solid. You can grapple onto a zombie and pull them towards you, however that is extremely situational and won't kill them. You will need to reload this if you can't retrieve the bolt (If shot in water, thrown into the void, despawns if not picked up in time). You only get 2 bolts, no reloads allowed.

Concluding the Returning Weapon Suggestions...

We've come a long way on working on all of these weapons. I am proud to say that we are OFFICIALLY done working on returning weapon suggestions (until further notice if the need arises...) and now continuing to work on our original weapon suggestion line-up we promised back late last year.

We will be concluding the final touches on our new original ideas, some of you may know that ONE of these weapons is the Galil. The rest are top secret and will be secret until we release them. Because of recent events, it's going to be a combination of tough and easy for us to conclude some projects that we are working on, some of which are bigger projects than just making a new weapon. On behalf of everyone here at SAI, I hope you guys enjoy the new content we are going to try and deliver to the community. Stay safe everyone, see you in the next thread!


Coming soon to a new lineup of weapons near you...


  • National_Rascal - Model, Concept, Stats
  • GoSinister - Improved concept & stats
  • bloxxerMan666 - Animations
  • LITTLEROBBY11 - Texture
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