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    May 17, 2020 by GoSinister

    We are back again, but this time with three new weapons. Two are returning weapons from R2D 2014, and another is a collaboration between me and National_Rascal. This was a first time weapon for us as we haven't worked on an automatic weapon before, but we've definitely pulled through and tried our best with presenting to you our idea of the MP5. The other threads will  be up later down the line and I will provide links to them on this thread when they are made, but for now take a look at what we've done to bring back MP5.

    EDIT (10/26/19): Added how many bullets you get from extended mags since I forgot to say that. 72 KUDOS IN ONE DAY, THANKS EVERYONE!

    EDIT (11/7/19): 100 KUDOS!!! THANK YOU!!!


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  • GoSinister

    We are back! Sinister Arms Inc. prevails with finally getting the Crossbow out of development hell. Many ideas had to be scrapped sadly and animations had to be redone many times, but we finally got this working in our favor! I don't really have much to say, except read until the end where I have news to share with everyone about future developments and our plans going onward in the future. Other than that, here is the final returning weapon suggestion, The Crossbow!

    The Crossbow is a returning weapon from R2D 2014. It is one of the few bow-type weapons in the game, being complete with some attachments and a diverse lineup of special ammo types that can work in the survivor's favors in a multitude of situations. 

    There had been many versions…

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  • GoSinister

    It's been a while since we last made a suggestion, but I can assure you that we are making tremendous progress with not only our community suggestions but also with actual ingame updates. We will continue working with PlaceRebuilder to bring new content and balancing changes to the game. But for now, I think the Jackhammer has been long overdue for this thread. Thanks to National_Rascal for making a majority of this suggestion, this wouldn't be possible without him!

    A lethal forgotten weapon, the Jackhammer ignores the weaknesses of typical shotguns, utilizing a drum magazine and an automatic firing mode to shred through hordes. It is considered the pinnacle of the shotgun tree in R2DA, being the highest ranking weapon and most costly weapon. …

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  • GoSinister

    New year, new top quality weapon suggestion by Sinister Arms Inc. I'm really excited to say a veteran has decided to join us to bring you this suggestion, Legovoa. Aka creator of the Terminator & Guardian Angel suggestions that have gotten a lot of support and recognition from the community as being top tier. He joined SAI and possibly will return to help us create even more better suggestions to bring new content to R2DA, props to him for this idea as he's the man behind it.

    The M231 is a powerful yet inaccurate M16-style weapon that absolutely destroys enemies at close range, however suffers heavily in the lack of close quarters.

    With an important weapon comes many derivatives.

    When the M16 was created, and later, the M4, many built off the AR-…

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  • GoSinister

    I'd just like to make a small announcement: People have started to give me 100% credit on these concepts and ideas and totally ignore the 12 other people that are on the SAI Team. The few things I do for these weapons are: Pick which weapon we create next, manage the entire team, make the stats and attachments, help in the creation of the backstory, and send these ideas to PR. I don't personally enjoy getting 100% credit for making these ideas, I could never model the new Chinalake or animate the animation packs for what you're about to see below, but I'd highly appreciate it if you wouldn't give me all the  credit, because people like Scrufus, Fusion, and everyone else really deserve more credit than me really. Anyways, here's our second to last…

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