Waifu Magnet Mk XVIII

aka the guy that is barely active

Admin Content Moderator
  • I live in idol heaven
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is hikikomori
  • I am Male
Bureaucrat for the rblx jailbreak wiki

Im the owner of this wiki's illegal homepage 116,700th & 117,000th comment

First in R2DA wikia to get a gif as pfp
Quote owner for Legendary Gift, X-Mas Zombies 2017, Ice Rhino , 
Telephone, Ration, Duckhunt & Red Toy
R2DA Bloxy 2017 winner, best quote, Legendary Gift.
10,000th forum thread owner, [1]
Achieved 1k edits on 6th dec 2017, used on something i deleted.
Achived 2k edits on 14th Mar 2018, used on a shit warning.
Most bans among current moderators,
 yea ikr at least 1.5x more than ur "fav mod"

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