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Contact me on Discord, if you have a report on Wikia.

Or leave a message on the wall (Don't send proof there only Discord)

Roblox / Discord: Mirko2805

Become chat mod for R2DA 24th of December 2016 - June 2017 - Jopede

Become mod for R2DA 3th of October 2017 - Jopede

Temp retirement of R2DA mod October 11th, requested by me - Swager21

Officially requested retirement of R2DA moderatorship from 11th October 2018 to 3rd September 2019




My R2D story begins when I started playing it in 2014 when it was on the first page of Roblox. I started playing it

because it liked and it was perfect for me and I played it almost every day until the new R2DA came out and I started to play it. I quit playing it for a while because I had a crappy laptop or the game was too broken and/or it was shutdowning every time when I was survivor or zombie, I still don't know what was the problem.

I came back in 2016 and started playing it again but on a better computer. I was really happy with the game, but it had some flaws. I met Jopede near to end of 2016 and on Christmas, I become chat-mod for official r2da discord. I made some bans what were rare and warnings were okay for me + Wikia moderating was my favorite thing. In the summer of 2017, I got fired because for being "inactive" and that wasn't true. I was everyday active and chatted with some people. The real reason why I got fired was, there just were too many c-mods what wasn't needed, but I was lucky to keep the wikia-mod which I got it until this day Yay.

Running INFO (Maybe???)

In October I applied for the Mod app and I was lucky to be chosen for R2DA as an official moderator. Right now I temp resigned from the R2DA Moderation staff team. So that's my story how I become c-mod, got fired and rehired for In-game moderation.

UPDATE: For now, as the 3rd of September, I officially resigned from the R2DA c/mod staff team FOR NOW, I don't have any plans coming a mod near future, unless IF they really need me for a temp or whatever (prob not for now or any time soon). UPDATE 2: Reason: I didn't have any more time to continue playing it and it was kinda dying at that point. For now, I see R2DA rising again and I'm willing to give a chance to people who have never had a chance to be part of the mod team and experienced themselves. (PS The moderation is very strict and it's impossible for me to be active 3h every day.)

Thanks 2!

I want to thank people who have supported me through the r2da community.

Jopede, WikiaColor_s, Lazi_ness, Dr_Greedy  and other r2da mods and people from the R2DA community. 

I really want to thank PlaceRebuilder for creating an amazing game, which brought me joy and is still my favorite Roblox game until this day.

(Those were the main ones. Please do not hate me, I still like u if u don't)


Bird Jop

I call it JopBird™ no CopyRight pls thx

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