aka Lynn

  • I live in Earth, where else?
  • My occupation is Chat-Mod of R2DA
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AngeryCupa Hey! my name's Lynncoln.

Thanks for visiting my page! What i do in the wiki is well contribute, suggest and criticize! I've been in this wiki for ~3 years and now i'm overwhelmed what i have accomplished throughout these years. And yet i'm still a member in the R2DA community but i'll see what i can do to improve! During June 25th 2019, i have now been promoted to become an official moderator, but was fired due to backlash and drama, as of December 4, I am in redemption and will continue on by being a chat moderator, its a second chance for me but i'll see whats the outcome.


If you ever have some problems, requests or other stuff you want to ask, either put your message on my message wall or DM me on Discord (Discord username: Rem~#7152(username changes at times)

If you are interested in my server then you should join :P

My likes and dislikes

  •  Rem
  •  Cupa
  •  R2DA
  •  Being ChatMod lol
  •  The Ocean
  •  Gliding through the air
  •  Developing for PR
  •  Nuisance
  • People who judge me
  • Awkward Situations


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