I don't know what to do so take this ATF:M, TDS, PL, AHIT, Celeste, PF, LIV, TWR, SJSM, and R2DA Knowledge:


  • The first gun to not have a conversion is the MP412 REX.
  • The VSS Vintorez and the MSG 90 are the only 2 DMRs that don't have conversions.
    • On top of this, there are 8 DMRs. This means that 75% of all DMRs in phantom forces have conversions.
  • The HK417 Was removed twice before being added into the game.
    • It was in CTE and it was once a conversion for the HK416. Both were removed until the gun came back in the game as a battle rifle.
  • The MP5A4 was removed from the game (it was in CTE), though the MP5 uses the model of the MP5A4 as a base.
  • Cranesite revamp was removed, however, it was added back into the game.
  • The M4A1 is the gun with the fastest ADS time. This is done with short barrel, retract stock/remove stock, and skeleton grip.
  • The M231 is the gun with the highest automatic base RoF.
  • The BFG 50 with long barrel and .17 wildcat is the highest MV.
  • The Stevens DB with birdshot and instantaneous burst makes the gun deal 1000+ damage (assuming all pellets hit).
  • The PPSh-41 uses a 71 round drum magazine, however, this wouldn't work due to the fact that the PPSh causes jamming issues with the 71RD drum magazine.
  • The Dragunov SVDS Runs on 7.62x54mmR
    • This is the same as the DP-27 from Project Lazarus


  • Specimen 4 and 11 have the same amount of "Voice Lines"
    • On top of this, specimen 4 shares the same quote with specimen 11, both saying "come here" though specimen 11's is less noticeable because it is said backwards.
  • Specimen 4 has the most themes. Her former one (Breakfast was too early), her current (Breakfast was too late) and her endless one (endless breakfast/ringu_AMB)
  • Specimen 11 and room 710 are from the level 100% beef corp made by Akuma Kira in Littlebigplanet.
  • The old man has the most voice lines (HD Renovation). Specifically, 10.
  • Specimen 7 was a scrapped project from Akuma Kira (creator of SJSM).
  • out of all the endless mode specimens (aside from 4 in her endless form), Unknown specimen 1 (Whiteface) was the only specimen to originate from a different game entirely (originating from IMSCARED).
  • When the player witnesses Unknown specimen 4's death screen, wolves maul the player, rather than unknown specimen 4.


  • out of all the guns, the Barrett M82A1 is the only one to be perk unlocked.
  • there are 9 maps in the game. Meaning there is a 11.1% chance it will be a specific map.
  • There are 15 waves in each map, so "beating the game" means surviving 135 waves. 15 for each map.
  • the setups with the most ammo contain the M60/Flamethrower as a primary and the CBJ-MS.
  • There are 21 perks in the game. If the player doesn't have the extra perk slot gamepass, they can equip 14.28% of all the perks.
    • However, with the extra perk slot, the player can equip 19.05% of perks.
  • The fastest gun in-game is the kriss vector, however, the vector has a 1200 R/m, however, the TEC-9 is faster by 300 rounds.
  • The Mosin Nagant uses the stripper clip, even though the internal magazine isn't empty. This wouldn't work because the stripper clip works when the magazine is empty, meaning that the user needs to load in the rounds individually.
    • This is also the case for the Mosin in Phantom Forces.
  • The Flamethrower has no other statistics other than damage (this being bullet punch, recoil, magnification etc.), Though the flamethrower is seen to have ammunition as well as a reload.


  • Chapter 6 is the only chapter in which Madeline Descends the mountain.
  • Chapter 2 was all a dream, but despite all that, the space blocks seen in chapter 2 appear in later chapters.
  • Chapters 1-7 happen in the same year.
    • Chapters 8 and 9 happen a year later.
  • Celeste is French for Celestial, and the postcards the player gets are from Canada, meaning that Madeline was born and raised in Canada.


  • The MP5 was the only gun to come back after its removal.


  • The Scar Hamr in the game is said to be made under Belgium, though it is an American Light Machine Gun.
  • The DP-27 Runs on 7.62x54mmR
    • This is the same as the Dragunov SVDS from PF


  • The license plate on Hat Kid's scooter says "Hat Kid 06". The Number 06 is her age meaning hat kid is 6 years old.
    • this can be heard trough her voice lines.

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