aka Duck

  • I live in Бангкок, Тайланд
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is Jobless and I need one right now
  • I am Broke asf

Some important things to note

(Well, not really)

I apologize for not release any new songs in the past 8 months, because I've been addicted to anime and manga recently and currently really depressed because 5toubun manga series just ended and I don't know which series I should read next I'm busy with load of works irl and I feel like my productive and creative side of my brain is dying lol.

Dancing Souls

Title - Dancing Souls [2ndVer.]

Composer - DuckShermurtz

Year - 2020

Publisher - DuckShermurtz


-Improved version of the previous arrangement.

  • BPM changed from 120 to 130.
  • The song is in E minor scale (Temporarily change to F minor after entering a first and second pre-chorus then change back to E minor).
  • Changed guitar solo (I'm not gonna post a tab lololololol)

A Wrong Thought

Title - A Wrong Thought [2019 Remastered Version]

Composer - DuckShermurtz

Year - 2018 (Original) / 2019 (Remastered)

Publisher - DuckShermurtz


-Bob Samtyy tribute music. Rest in Peace.

-Original version:

Music Sheet (Demo):


If you know how to play the piano, then you can pretty much play a whole song with just this 1 sheet.

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