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Winner winner chicken dinner. In Undead Battleground, all players start as a survivor. Once they die, they become a zombie to attack remaining survivors.

This mode is basically a fusion of Free For All and Arena.


  • Most Free For All loadouts do not work in this gamemode due to the amount of zombies spawning.
  • For the most part, ignore zombies.
  • You only have 100/110 health without any armors.
  • AI Infecteds spawn during the round.
    • You must kill them at the last phase to win.
  • If the Stalker throws you off the map, you respawn at your initial spawnpoint.
  • The Give Command works here.
    • The Clockbomb can be used to attract the final zombies and disable their attacks.


  • Undead Battleground was suggested by Guineamaster10.
    • The other name suggested was Free For Zombies by ScottieDaCat.
    • Originally, this was called Last Man Standing.
  • First PvP gamemode to feature zombies.
  • Unlike most PvP gamemodes, killing survivors here will give you 120$, even if you are a player, due to the fact that zombies exist in this gamemode.
    • You also get assist rewards for killing a survivor if they are being held by a Stalker.
    • Assist rewards also apply towards zombies if they have damaged a survivor, to merit an assist, and the survivor is killed by another survivor.