R2D:A Unban Guide
For In-Game Bans.
1. Use the #get-unbanned-reportstaff on discord.
2. Make a report that provides your ROBLOX Username, Link to ROBLOX Profile, Picture of Ban Reason and if the ban is Valid or Not. (Not "IDK")
3. Wait for approval from a Head Moderator+ to accept your unban report.

Lying about your ban being false will most likely get you permbanned forever.

4. Once your unban report is accepted, you'll get approval to make an Unban Essay. Or get unbanned if your ban reason is false.
5. Write an unban essay (found in the #unban-essays channel) on why hacking is bad, after getting clearance by a HeadModerator+.

Send the essay to Dr_Greedy (Only person to accept essays currently) after finishing it.

6. Wait for your essay to get graded. Once your essay is graded, you'll get your unban date.

You can only get unbanned once. Only perm-bans can be appealed. If your ban was false, use the #get-unbanned-reportmods with your concern with step one, two and four. Pinging PR for an unban is a 1-week mute. Do not beg to be unbanned if you are denied. You can also ask for a modcall return in the channel, more information about this is in the channel's pins.

All ban dates are in European date format (DD-MM-YYYY).

You cannot get unbanned from reasons below, even if 1k ROBUX was spent, unless you can prove with certaintiy that it was false (eg. video proof)

  • Any type of "Code Blocked" (e.g. 10-95 Blocked)
  • "Nice account, its mine now"
  • "Bye bye"
  • "Hook2: reason"
  • "Exploit Tutorial"
  • "Ticket/Chest Collector Exploit"
  • "AutoFarm Haxs"
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