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R2D:A Unban Guide
For In-Game Bans.

1. Use the #ban-appeals channel on the Official R2DA  Discord Server to type in ban appeals.
2. Follow the correct format depending on the ban being appealed. Formatting can be found in the #unban-guide channel.
3. Wait for a Head Moderator+ to look into your unban request.

Lying about your ban being false will most likely get you permbanned forever.

4. Once your unban request is reviewed, you'll get notified of the results.

You can only get unbanned once. Only perm-bans can be appealed. If your ban was false, use the #unban-guide channel and follow the format for a false ban. Pinging PR for an unban is a 1-week mute. Do not beg to be unbanned if you are denied. You can also ask for a modcall return in the channel, more information about this is in the #unban-guide channel.

All ban dates are in European date format (DD-MM-YYYY).

You cannot get unbanned from reasons below unless you can prove with certainty that it was false (eg. video proof)

  • Any type of "Code Blocked" (e.g. 10-95 Blocked)
  • "Nice account, its mine now"
  • "Bye bye"
  • "Hook2: reason"
  • "Exploit Tutorial"
  • "Ticket/Chest/Gift Collector Exploit"
  • "AutoFarm Haxs"

The following bans are common false bans caused by the system. Please do note the following bans are mostly false and your records for it are clear. Fill out an unban appeal using the format in the #unban-guide in order to be unbanned.

  • ”GETDMG: Speedfire”
  • "Restock: Nice try, Bubble guy! (Minigun)”
  • ”GETDMG: Ammohack”
  • ”HitBreakable: Illegal use (nil)”
  • ”_G.BuyItem: Tried to buy rank limited item (Item Depends)”